American singer Bob and Dylan won the prize for literature, the Shaanxi channel hyuna

The American singer Bob? Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize in Literature — Shaanxi channel — original title: American singer Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature? Bob? Dylan (picture) the Swedish Academy announced that 13 will be awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 2016 American musician and writer Bob Dylan?. Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy Sara? Dani, at noon on the day of the Swedish Academy announced the meeting hall of the Nobel prize for literature. The Academy said in a press release issued the same day, Dylan as "on the traditional American songs form pioneered this year’s Nobel prize for literature and poetry to express new expression". Dani said, Dylan will show his poetry through the form of a song, the ancient Greek and those expressed by means of Music Classics identical. Bob "s works, though they are" listening ", can be regarded as poems in the form of" reading "by Dylan". The Academy noted that Dylan is an iconic figure, the profound influence on contemporary music, at the same time "is to continue to follow the sub literary characters". Dylan, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of freedom in, Dylan was born in Minnesota in the United States in May 24, 1941. He has been performing in various bands since he was a teenager. He has become more and more interested in music, especially American folk and Bruce. He was also influenced by the early "Beat Generation" of young writers and influence of modern poets. Since the first album was released in 1961, Dylan has played an important role in the pop music and cultural circles for more than 50 years. His song is "blowin ‘in the wind", in the era of change "and" like a rolling stone. As a recording artist and performer, Dylan’s main achievements in his career as the core, but his greatest contribution is generally considered to be his lyrics. As a musician, Dylan has sold more than 100 million albums, making him one of the best-selling music artists. It is reported that he had Grammy, including the Golden Globes and the Oscar award, the award. Today, he won the Nobel prize for literature, almost a grand slam literary and art circles. In May 2012, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of freedom by Obama. "Chronicle" is the only Chinese version book one of the news reporters, cultural circle of friends fry: "singers are the literature prize, Haruki Murakami seems to take Grammy time, it seems not running, singing." "Originally written lyrics can also was the Nobel prize". So, what book did he write? In 1971 Bob published experimental works of prose poems, "tarantula". In October 2004, he published his autobiography entitled "Chroni cles, Vol.1". This book Chinese translation "Chronicles", Bob Dylan published in China? The only Chinese version works, Bob? Dylan lasted three years on a typewriter personally knocked out of his memoirs, recorded his life all the extraordinary moment — first arrived in New York, Columbia signed the creation of family life, encounter bottleneck, fragment ignite the spark of inspiration, breaking the boundaries…… The ballad poet recalled the past years with passion, pity, and deep eyes, and the golden age of the past相关的主题文章: