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Ang Lee Feng Xiaogang Ang Lee: in addition to movies and cooking and entertainment news (the Tencent Mrs. Li Xiaoli photography and camera Sui Qin Fuqiang) the evening of November 7th, the Tsinghua University new Tsinghua School outside the bustling. In the winter of waiting for the people lined up. This time, for the majority of the audience is not so attractive today’s most red idols, but three age together up to the age of more than and 100 old man". Yes, this magical activity is the theme of Ang Lee and Feng Xiaogang "for the first time we" talk, but Jia Zhangke was the guest host. Ang Lee, Feng Xiaogang, and Jia Zhangke…… The three names out of any one of them is an important China film, and in November, the new Ang Lee movie "Billy · Lynn and Feng Xiaogang’s" intermission "I am not Pan Jinlian" is in the box office market pedestria. But a good movie is the charm, and at the same time, enough to make people look forward to November. Occupation career in the "first": Ang Lee’s attempt to frame 120, Feng Xiaogang attempted to frame round the upcoming in November, Ang Lee and Feng Xiaogang each time launched its "Changxin": Ang Lee photographed the world’s first 3D, 4K, 120 frames per second movie "Billy · Lynn" intermission; Feng Xiaogang, the circular frame shot "I am not Pan Jinlian". We can not help but wonder, in the film position of the two directors now, why should try to do so bold and even risky. The two directors of the conversation gave us a little answer: perhaps out of love and respect to the art of film itself. Ang Lee said, after I finished filming the juvenile fantasy drifting after the first contact with 3D, in the past insisted on using film, a little sense of digital cinema. But after the film, found a lot of things on the right, there are some problems, so I want to find a solution…… In essence, 3D is not the same as 2D, but now we shoot 3D, the brain is 2D. 3D should have its own thing, digital film itself has its own characteristics." Feng Xiaogang explained: "this novel sequence of ten words, there is only a few thousand words. I find it very interesting, I want to increase the sense of absurdity, and make the story very chinese. Because Li Xuelian on this matter, only can occur in China." "I want it to have a Chinese painting taste, so it reduces the screen, play loose." Ang Lee and Feng Xiaogang also sincerely to share with you some experience in the use of new technologies. "Billy Lynn" in · there is a hero and an enemy in the ditch close combat scenes, stability of the lens is a cruel story. But director Ang Lee tells the creation intention: "general war scenes, in order to show its confusion, often with vague, not clear, to express the fear and panic disorder range condition, we also thought about for a long time, finally this lens is very simple, not moving, very clear. The shooting method, including all gun vibration, human facial expression, in the action inside details are very clear, including cannon fodder and so on, so I said not to touch it, to see clearly, feel personally on the scene"相关的主题文章: