Anti-corruption Storm 2 end started their eighteen war between good and evil like Wu Yi dataload

"Anti-corruption Storm 2" end started their eighteen war between good and evil like Tencent Wu Yi entertainment news "anti-corruption Storm 2" released soon, a trailer blood ruin Zhang action scenes have been dizzying, good and evil anti-corruption war triggered at any moment. Today, the latest release of "all out" still focused on both sides of good and evil, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin, Ada Choi, et al. Opt out, gun running and jumping, etc. the moment, showing the crisis in front of each person to a state of war, all brave, struggling to move forward, a high-energy warning battle finally, the audience expectations bursting. "2" anti-corruption storm produced by Raymond Wong, directed by Lin Delu, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Zhou Yumin, Ada Choi, Chen Jing, Sheng Jun and Bowie Lam co starred in September 14th 18, will visit the national cinema. "Run" and "jump" "chase" "kill" appeared in eighteen Wu Yi all out war finally started today released the "all out" stills, showing a crisis evil attitude and strive to fight both brave and exciting shopping, the four stars in the war ahead, the audience full of expectation. Still, Louis Koo has put on trial in the process of detection and calm, his arms he struggled bravely forward, and evil forces do struggle with the ICAC; Ada Choi also changed the quiet wisdom style, in order to hunt for suspects in the market to run to catch up, "handsome and carefree Nei is Ada Choi’s interpretation of Julian Cheung’s life; homicide senior inspector will no longer be decadent sloppy, give up drinking and gambling him in pursuit. In the process of hard struggle, overcome obstacles, such as gun ambush scene was indicative of his environment and dangerous crisis, vowing to resolve the bad guys to justice supported him the way forward; occupation killer Zhou Yumin also exposed the brutal nature, whether it is with brutal means behind the attack Bowie Lam, or strangulation to pull the trigger, Will his grim shows, his risk will become a great threat to the anti-corruption squad, make the battle more dangerous. Four star challenge to flex its muscles police powerful forces against low-cost cooperation "2" the new anti-corruption storm upgrade, complicated plot to let more power in the game and pulled in a showdown. Along with the corruption investigation of the ICAC staff, the encounter disdain the murder series of threats and hooligan gangs and other forces, forcing Louis Koo and Ada Choi to take up arms, the use of force and hostile forces to fight, "the ICAC started a fight" will be a major highlight, familiar with love Hong Kong films in the audience can "see" anti-corruption Storm 2 ICAC different. Julian Cheung Zhou Yumin, the two action film appeared in recent years little screen men of God, this challenge together dangerous scene in the movie, staged a gangster war. Julian Cheung and Zhou Yumin’s thrilling chase cars, street melee, gunfire against all let the audience see signs of danger appearing everywhere, the performance of different hormones. Especially Zhou Yumin, dare, a motorcycle crashed into the sea and a high coefficient of difficulty of the action scenes, a melancholy warm man image, its cruel and strong contrast will let the audience surprises. In addition,.相关的主题文章: