Apple pay China tomorrow officially landed. Different from Alipay and other Sohu news-whereisip

Apple Pay tomorrow. Chinese officially landed with different Sohu such as Alipay news "Apple Pay February 18th officially landed China… This thing in the end how convenient it is… Believe machine cat complex can be YY to Apple Pay will be landing tomorrow ~ ~ China, many users feel suspicious, Apply Pay and Alipay and WeChat do not have to pay the same thing? One more, nothing new, just follow him… Actually, bed 7 tells you, that’s not really the case! As early as Apple’s press conference in September 2014, apple CEO captain Cook released NFC based Apple Pay instructions.. What is called NFC, is like a machine cat. Fantasy, take a small watch what the thing to do, and then deep reason, and blind themselves to Baidu, or here much good ~ ~ ~ tens of thousands of words in short, just as you use the card, access card, bus card, to the payment time, in the front of the machine "beep ~" sound, pay over ~ ~… In short, you don’t have to scan that half a day to identify the two-dimensional code… Just sauce! Yesterday, there was an insider who went to McDonald’s and used it… It’s very convenient to watch this dude tied 3 cards in the first Apple Pay picked up a bank and then in front of the Pose machine special fingers hold down the Home key fingerprint recognition (this always have, or what people can pay with your mobile phone) then a loud beep. On the finished thing, not only do not scan code… Apple Pay also has a point different from a treasure letter, that is, no recharge!… It’s straight, it’s a "card pack""… You actually pay with a bank card, just by using the Apply Pay tool to beep. So, for a long time in a letter to a treasure banks happy child teeth that brains are relatively conservative ~ ~ ~ do not love to transfer money to a treasure a letter the old Comrades also happy children can use UnionPay POS ~ ~ ~? As long as there is UnionPay flash pay function can be used, after the subway, bus, including your school canteen Fanka will directly into the mobile phone with Apply Pay paid. Mom, don’t worry. I’ve got a lot of cards in my wallet. OK, for a long time… Tomorrow will begin to spread all over the country. Where is this Apply Pay? It’s very simple. It’s in your ten thousand year old apple that comes with APP—Wallet!!! In fact, everybody is the same bed as bed 7… Have Wallet and other apple zombie APP limbo for years, and now finally get out of the sun!! Maybe one day you’ll put it in the Dock below! All of these things are exciting, because there’s another one that everyone ignores, and that’s apple Watch

Apple Pay明天正式登陆中国.与支付宝等不同-搜狐新闻  “Apple Pay 2月18日正式登陆中国…这东西到底有多么方便…相信有机器猫情结的都能YY到~~   明天Apple Pay就要登陆中国了,很多网友都纳闷儿,Apply Pay和支付宝与微信支付不都一回事儿吗?再多一个也没啥新鲜的吧,就随他来吧~~。。。其实,7号床告诉你,还真不是这么回事!   早在2014年9月 苹果的发布会上,苹果CEO库克船长就发布了基于NFC的Apple Pay 说明。。   啥叫NFC,就是像机器猫里幻想的一样,拿个小手表啥的就把事儿办了~~~再深的道理,科技盲们自己去度娘,要不这里得多出好几万字~~~   总之,就像你用饭卡、门禁卡、公交卡一样, 到了该支付的时候,在那个机器前“哔~~~”的一声,就支付完了~~。。。总之,你再也不用扫那个半天识别不出来的二维码了。。。   就酱!   昨天有“内部人人士”专门去麦当劳用了一下这东西。。。还是很方便的   注意看,这哥们儿绑了3张卡先在Apple Pay里选了一张招行的然后对着专门的Pose机手指按住Home键,指纹识别(这个总要有的,不然什么人都可以用你的手机支付了)然后,哔~~~的一声,就完事儿了   不仅不用扫码。。。Apple Pay 还有一点和某宝某信不一样,那就是不需要充值!。。。   说得直白点,它就是一个“卡包”。。。你实际上是用银行卡进行支付而已,只不过是通过 Apply Pay这个工具来哔哔哔~~罢了。所以,长期对某宝某信咬牙切齿的银行们乐开花儿了~~~那些脑筋比较保守不爱把钱转移到某宝某信的老同志们也乐开花儿了~~~   银联的POS机都能用么?只要是有银联闪付功能的都能用,   以后,地铁、公交、包括你们学校里的食堂饭卡都会直接变成用手机Apply Pay支付了。妈妈再不用担心我钱包里放一大堆卡片了~~   好了,说了半天。。。明天就要开始全国普及了,这Apply Pay在哪来啊~~???   很简单,就在你那个一万年都不用的苹果自带APP—Wallet(钱包)里!!!   其实大家都和7号床一样。。。已经把Wallet和其他苹果僵尸APP打入冷宫多年,如今终于要拿出来晒太阳了!!或许有一天会置入下面的Dock里! 以上这些,表激动~~~因为还有一项大家都忽略了   那就是苹果手表啊~这才是最爽的(真正做到了机器猫模式)   按侧边键,调出卡包靠近POSE机,哔~~的一声就酱!付完了~我突然想要去买这个ZB的苹果婊了~~好了,明天的未来就这样要来了至于再远的未来怎样?就屏各位的脑洞去想象了。。。等一下,等一下内谁~~用三星和其他的安卓粉们也不用急哈~~安卓支付马上也要来的! 创新 ? 设计 ? 技术相关的主题文章: