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Robert Siciliano Once a thief knows your Social Security number"��you"��re at very high risk for having your identity stolen. Tags: IRS , IRS Scams , scam Robert Siciliano Identity thieves are after children"��s Social Security numbers. With this number, a thief can do so many things like open a credit card account and rent an apartment. Kids"�� SSNs have great appeal to crooks because: Tags: child credit , child internet safety , child ssn Robert Siciliano You may be putting your .pany at risk simply by hiring a new employee. Why? Because that person could have a hidden, malicious agenda. Tags: data privacy , malicious , online security Robert Siciliano If you are concerned how long any negative information will remain on your credit report, it takes seven years from the Date of the Last Activity (DLA) before the item is deleted from your records (and seven to 10 years for bankruptcies). Tags: credit card , credit freeze , credit report Robert Siciliano Do you shop at Amazon..? Are you aware they have a back door through which hackers can slip in? Tags: amazon , hacking , online security Robert Siciliano Your account passwords should be as unique as your fingerprint"�"to make them less hackable by crooks using password-guessing software that can run through millions of possible .binations in just minutes. Tags: password , password manager , password security Robert Siciliano Ever consider the possibility that a person gets a job as a bank teller"��for the sole purpose of stealing a patron"��s identity? Tags: bank fraud , identity fraud , identity protection Robert Siciliano .panies have been struggling for years to keep cyber-attacks at bay. Cyberthieves are working faster than ever before to send out their malicious attacks, and it"��s be.e increasingly difficult for .panies to keep up. Tags: cyber crime , cyber security , malware , ransomware Robert Siciliano Cybercriminals know that the best way to get their claws on the next victim is to appeal to their emotions, not logic. Tags: cyber crime , cyber security , scareware Robert Siciliano Most people have heard of storing information in "��the cloud,"�� but do you know what this means, and if it is even safe? Tags: cloud , data privacy , online security Robert Siciliano This week I worked with Gemalto, as part of Gemalto"��s #ChipAwayAtFraud campaign. Tags: Chip and PIN cards , credit card , EMV chip Robert Siciliano Often, hucksters prey on the consumer"��s desperation, which is why it"��s no surprise that the No. 1 rip-off (at least between 2011 and 2012)) was bogus products promising weight loss. Tags: cyber crime , cyber fraud , cyber invasion , cyber security Robert Siciliano Scams targeting older people are probably very under-reported, as seniors don"��t want to appear senile. The most vulnerable group is educated men over 55, because, quite frankly, they think they know everything. Tags: dating scams , Identity Theft , lottery scam , scam Robert Siciliano What are you doing to prevent tax identity theft? Do you even know what steps to take? You"��d better, because this crime has tripled since 2010, says the FTC. Tags: Identity Theft , tax fraud , tax scam Robert Siciliano Between half and three quarters of all employees have downloaded personal apps to .pany tablets and phones, according to surveys. At the same time, people are increasingly using use personal phones for work purposes like email, document-sharing and the list goes on. Tags: mobile device , mobile privacy , mobile risks , mobile security Robert Siciliano As part of Gemalto"��s #ChipAwayAtFraud campaign, I"��m being tasked with numerous tasks, some tacky, some essential to living. Gemalto, one of the world"��s leaders in digital security, wants a real-world take on the EMV card experience. Tags: Chip and PIN cards , Credit card fraud , credit card safety Robert Siciliano Many so-called psychics are frauds. But so are some auto mechanics, lenders and roofers. There"��s fraud in just about all lines of work. Tags: fraud , scam , scammer Robert Siciliano Bottom line: If you have a data security policy in place, you need to make sure that it"��s up to date and contains all of the necessary elements to make it effective. Here are 10 essential items that should be incorporated into all security policies: Tags: data breach , data protection , data security , data theft Robert Siciliano Your home should have multiple layers of protection. You"��ve certainly heard that before. Tags: home alarms , home invasion , home security Robert Siciliano Are you thinking of getting a personal loan? Hopefully you have a high credit score, as this will give you a better chance of getting the loan through a legitimate .pany. Tags: bank fraud , Loan fraud , loan scam , scam Robert Siciliano Burglars know that every "��safe neighborhood"�� has a certain percentage of fools who think they"��re immune to break-ins. Tags: door locks , door security , home safety , home security Robert Siciliano Wow cool! A device that lets you know, via Internet, when your milk is beginning to sour! And a connected thermostat"�"turning the heat up remotely an hour before you get home to save money"��and "��smart"�� fitness monitors, baby monitors, watches"�� Tags: digital devices , digital security , online safety Robert Siciliano When it .es to tossing into the rubbish your old .puter device, out of sight means out of mind, right? Well yeah, maybe to the user. But let"��s tack something onto that well-known mantra: Out of site, out of mind, into criminal"��s hands. Tags: data breach , digital devices , hacking , Identity Theft , phish Robert Siciliano For those of you who want to knock your presentations out of the park and be the speaker everyone raves about, Victoria LaBalme is leading an unbelievably unique workshop titled Rock the Room LIVE. Tags: Speaker , identity theft Robert Siciliano "��You can buy things with your phone!"�� No kidding! But imagine what the response would have been had you made this statement in 1984: "��Off your meds, eh?"�� Tags: cyber crime , mobile privacy , mobile security 相关的主题文章: