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When women are most attractive, they don’t love

When women are most attractive, is not concerned about the public when the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: trouble delegation best have experienced feelings of people will have this experience: don’t love myself and the best time. Love a person, your thoughts on him, he thought, looking forward to him, he is worried, he is worried that he is expected, he is disappointed, a heart on him, not himself. You and he are the passions, inseparable, even by his decision. And all the pay and expectations, often get disappointed. The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment. When you don’t love, your mind will return to their body; for their own health and reasonable arrangements for basic necessities of life; carefully dressed for his beautiful heart and want to wear, what to wear what to do, what people do what people do not have to consider others’ eyes. Then you can feel the complete freedom and liberation of the soul, completely for their own preferences and live, live easily and naturally. When you don’t love, relatively calm mood, attitude is most stable, the most indifferent temperament, along with others better; not too much enthusiasm, no doubt, no injury sensitive, no expectation of anxiety, no sadness, no not to the point of fantasy. Don’t love it, you have more time to enrich their minds, have more energy for improving your own life, have more passion towards your friends and more free time to do your own true love things; and also have more confidence to re shape the true self, consider life in the future. Do not love, you must pay attention to their own. You have plenty of time to calm down to think about their own occupation planning; you may want to rely on him before, you must rely on their own now, to go forward; the world intellectual woman the most lovely, make the world as their most charming woman! Love, is the world’s most complex, the most difficult to solve the equation; deep in the people, all without being troubled and confused. The complexity of the human heart, the complexity of the world, has added to the difficulty of the love of this problem; with its deep and trouble, it is better to leave some love to yourself…… A woman is the most charming when she is independent, secure, and independent. Love is not to love, to give up is to find yourself; good woman should not really unnecessary for those who do not deserve the love of people and bungled the killing of his youth! (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

Jiangsu 33 schools jointly launched a new assessment system reform seaway

Jiangsu 33 schools jointly launched a new assessment system reform of primary and secondary school paper and pencil test, scores of children to assess the merits of high or low, will soon be broken! Xuanwu District of Nanjing held in October 9th 2016 in Jiangsu province based prospective education reform project launch ceremony demonstration projects will promote the overall quality of students, the quality of development led by deputy director of Xuanwu District Education Bureau Shen peak "survey and evaluation of the project for the province’s" one of 3 "Jiangsu province based prospective major teaching reform the research project", Nanjing and the province’s 33 kindergarten and primary school will be started, is expected to build two years including the arts, sports, psychology, family, habits, multidimensional full discipline education in the new evaluation system. Status: primary school in traditional pen and paper test for discipline evaluation led the reporter learned that Nanjing is currently the primary school presented mainly for "footprint" to evaluate the quality of the report, including the academic performance of children. Each semester, self assessment and the comprehensive ability evaluation, teacher evaluation and parents. The quality evaluation of the quality report in addition to the evaluation of the subject is still extensive, and the society will generally ignore such evaluation, pay more attention to performance evaluation." Some principals in an interview that the Department in charge of education reform and quality optimization led the survey and evaluation, to truly promote children to improve the overall quality, they will pursue exam scores from a free guide, parents pay attention to children to enhance the ability of the real. "Primary school quality test and evaluation, is still the traditional pen and paper accounted for a large proportion of the dominant subject test dominant to recessive factors concerned, the entire city of Nanjing now has more and more attention." Xuanwu District Education Bureau deputy director Shen Feng told reporters, even in a primary school and the senior high school entrance examination without the pressure of college entrance examination environment, school evaluation subject and language, these cultural cohesion and middle school, senior high school entrance examination subjects, to study such a project to start the Xuanwu District, hoping to broaden the field of measurement, all of all to explore every subject which will affect the quality of key ability of children, so that all subjects can assess in the transverse direction, driven by people in different ways to evaluate. Reform: 33 schools start a new evaluation system of North small: widening Chinese literacy assessment in the field of primary school quality tests and evaluation research project started at the same time in 33 schools, each school undertakes research focused on the different. For example, the most famous Beijing East Road primary school is "12 years old before the Chinese language". This time they will focus on the evaluation of the Chinese language and make a more scientific and meticulous system. Shen Feng said that the current assessment of the main Chinese paper pen test, but in fact the Chinese accomplishment of inclusion in many aspects, and is a process of accumulation, will soon appear in the exam results come out, we expect North small can expand a more scientific evaluation system, through the evaluation of the change, let the children they see the different characteristics of each person, to enhance the Chinese subject interest, improve language literacy. Long small: big data into the dynamic evaluation of multi dimension before the Yangtze River Road Primary School has a good big data with the practice of teaching, the focus of the study is the use of large相关的主题文章:

The sparrow Premiere silly white sweet Dongyu Zhou first read the script also angry – Beijing luonv

"The sparrow" Premiere "silly white sweet" Dongyu Zhou: first read the script also angry – Beijing TV drama "sparrow" is hit, in the broadcast of the story, Dongyu Zhou plays "Xu Bicheng" repeatedly set teammates in danger, triggered a large audience of people Tucao Xu ". In the fixed gear conference earlier, Dongyu Zhou said she felt the role was "stupid", worried that the audience would not love broadcast, so at the time of the shooting, she had tried to be "Adorable" role to the direction of building: "when I read the script at the time, I feel how a stupid girl, Xu Bicheng has been in a catastrophe, then Chen deep, Tang Shanhai kept her to fill the hole." It is precisely because of the role of Dongyu Zhou too simple and naive interpretation of too much in place, so it was a large number of audience crazy tucao. Although even Dongyu Zhou himself in this mind set, but she eventually decided to challenge this role, because this is the first time she starred in the Spy Drama, is her first challenge female agents. In the previous interview, Dongyu Zhou has repeatedly mentioned, can play different types of roles, she is the fun of actors. When Dongyu Zhou was reading the script, she was angry for the first time, but when she looked at the second time, she became more and more interested in the role of "Xu Bicheng". In the intrigues of the times, simple kind of Xu Bicheng is precious. Xu Bicheng has added a touch of warmth to the cold agent role, her gentle, soft and tough is to attract the two major causes of the actor. (Qin Chuan)相关的主题文章:

Hangzhou aunt pet goose walk street urban management Goose and pig can not keep

Hangzhou aunt pet goose walk street urban management: Goose and pig can not keep walking pet goose aunt Hangzhou street we are on the way, people can often be seen walking the dog, there are people liuniao have you seen people walking, but the big white goose? Recently, Xihu District Urban Management Bureau Lingyin squadron members in the inspections, disposal of the goose breeding together in the city without. Walking in the street from Aunt goose said it as a pet for several years Xu Jinxia was a member of the 8 squadron Lingyin area, point in the evening, she and three other colleagues patrolling near the Ancient Jade Road, to maintain order. Go to the nearby ancient jade road and Xixi Road intersection, on the sidewalk a more than and 10 pound big white goose has aroused the attention of the big white goose who is very clean, a pink duck, a swing and a 60 year old aunt behind, lovely appearance for people passing into have to watch. But the big white goose seems to see this scene, just go, neither cry nor. Whose is this goose?" Inspectors came forward to ask, and the others are chatting in front of the aunt quickly ran over, claiming that she is the owner of the goose. Aunt told the inspectors, she lived in the neighborhood near the intersection, after dinner with a goose out for a walk. "Aunt said, the goose is not geese, but pets, she heard that the goose can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and bought a newly hatched goslings, raising up to now has been for several years." Xu Jinxia said. "It’s a part of our family. I want to take it out." This is the aunt to the inspectors in the big white goose. However, when the inspectors told the aunt, according to the relevant provisions of the Hangzhou urban areas do not allow geese, aunt some anxious to say: I am on the age, do not know these provisions. Dog and cat bite, but my goose is not barking, also talk about health. Upstairs downstairs neighbors often tease it to play, we all like it." Goose and pig, poultry and livestock are not feeding the inspectors patiently to aunt made relevant laws and regulations of the interpretation in the urban areas, "she told the Hangzhou city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations" article fifty-third, the implementation of city management to urban areas within the scope of prohibition and raise chickens, geese, rabbit, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses and other livestock and poultry and edible pigeon. Know what I did in violation of the law, although this only has aunt reluctant to raise the feelings of the goose, but still promised a goose to go home. These days, and the squadron Lingyin to Aunt home for a visit, found that white goose has been off. Today, more and more people, began to raise a variety of alternative pets, but we meet personal interests at the same time, also need to pay attention to whether the pet is allowed by laws and regulations. For example, small pigs are a lot of people like pets, but also small pig rearing is banned in Hangzhou city. Last fall, Lingyin squadrons in Hangzhou botanical garden visitors carry illegal small pig disposal event. "Although the general small pigs as pets, but in accordance with the" Regulations "of Hangzhou city appearance and environmental sanitation management, small pig and pig.相关的主题文章: