Autumn remover trouble you to be more careful

The trouble you fall makeup more carefully. If no makeup girl is the angel wings, then, not the girls must be up remover face to the angel. Although a lot of girls will fall into the "skin care makeup remover – -" the vicious spiral, but others look sparkling, her makeup is too horrible to look at? Others unloaded the makeup of the skin is very compact, their own unloaded the makeup immediately ten years old? As everyone knows, even the best cosmetics are not in our skin to stay too long, if the remover is not doing a good job, skin care work in vain, painted makeup and even cause you to begin to doubt life… In fact, you are not on the get method. "The wrong way, skin cleansing ten years old", so come and take a look at how to correct the makeup, make your skin reborn ~ 1, eye makeup remover first, wearing contact lenses cosmetic contact lenses sister paper must first remove glasses, prevent adhesion cosmetics lenses; then, use special eye and lip makeup remover, pour in cleansing cotton on the deposited in the eyes; finally, gently press, to 5S, to wipe the eye head to the end of eye means erase eye makeup, makeup a few remaining use cotton swab dipped into the make-up remover, gently wipe. Small TIPS eye skin is relatively fragile, so try to choose eye makeup remover chemical compounds containing fewer products; cleansing cotton texture can choose not compressed cotton, reduce friction to eye skin; when the eyes of the erase and so on to rub, so easily lead to eye ptosis, should follow the direction of the eye to eye end head gently wipe.相关的主题文章: