Bear children addicted to playing games with mother’s mobile phone recharge nearly 70 thousand 660003

Bear children playing games with mother obsessed with stealing nearly 70 thousand mobile phone recharge through the network to check Mr. ran one transaction faced finally look forward to the National Day holiday, it is a great opportunity to enjoy the joy of reunion, but Mr. ran a Youyang county but also how high up xing. The afternoon of October 2nd, Mr. Jean’s wife Ms. Hu received the bank balance of "insufficient" prompt messages in online shopping, suddenly found that accounts for nearly $70 thousand in cash but the couple did not take wings to itself, recently had the money…… What’s going on? WeChat turned over 60 thousand yuan in October 2nd afternoon, Mr. Ran’s wife, Ms Wu told him that the last time the bank prompted a text message shows that more than $60 thousand in cash no card. Two people went to the local police station, the police reminded the banks need to provide water records, so that they will come tomorrow. After returning home, Mr. ran more and more wrong, less such a large sum of money, the bank did not send spending tips message? Mr. ran call the bank customer service phone, customer service said that each change has sent information. "What was the first big transfer?" Asked mr.. Today (2 days) at 10:53." This time, the child is running a small mobile phone. A pressed, the small ran mother admitted that he used WeChat the money spent. Mr. ran WeChat records found that: in October 2nd, WeChat users to "Santak Nuofu technology transfer 40910 yuan. In October 1st, Q coins recharge 950 yuan, 3000 yuan…… And then look down, between June 19th and September 30th, there are Zombies Game prepaid consumption transfers totaling 16441 yuan, spending a total of 68740.8 yuan. Brush game equipment stolen by the mother of WeChat "Santak Nuofu technology" is what the company? Why did Xiao Cheng turn so much money to the company? It turned out that 11 year old Xiao Ran has been addicted to online games through the FireWire (CF)". Some time ago, there is a strange friend plus his QQ, told him to spend money to help him brush the game props, not satisfied can also return. Small ran for Gospel truth. Since more than 3 months, the small Ran has been carrying his mother with the WeChat game, Q coins recharge and so on. The 2 day, the small ran through the mother’s WeChat done in one vigorous effort to the "Santak Nuofu technology" 40 thousand yuan. After the end of the money to run some small regret, want to put the money back. The stranger told him that the need to pay 8000 yuan in order to return to have paid more than $40000 in cash. "I think he was supposed to pay 8000 dollars." Ran about this thing quite helpless, I think this is a fraud." Delete records from the parents Mr. ran told the Chongqing times, the small ran in QQ, micro signal of his mother told the stranger, and then take advantage of playing a mobile phone when the mother add each other as friends. After that, the small ran through the mother’s micro signal and called Santak Nuofu technology WeChat users keep in touch. Fear of being found, small ran every time and the other end of the chat, will be deleted"相关的主题文章: