Bo into figurines Malone hit the face milk dragon responded only oh

Bo into figurines Malone hit the face milk dragon responded only Oh hit the face of Huaxi Dushi Bao (client reporter Ceng Jie) in September 22nd, someone broke the news, in captain Chengdu Museum alive "fat country team", Malone finished the race to visit into Bo? It is a collection of figurines Bo hit the face of Malone, and other similar milk dragon fans of the "smiling". Subsequently, the group hit the face image network burst red, Malone himself by micro-blog response can only ha ha". 23, the reporter interviewed the Chengdu museum. The original is an audience saw a figure when visiting the museum, looks exactly like Malone, and give administrative micro-blog private letter, claims that "we must share this picture for Cheng Bojun, like Malone". Then, as Bo administrative micro-blog pottery and hang out this conversation, saying "let me help Wall laugh while", quickly get other cultural administrative micro-blog and forwarding Guoping fan. The reporter saw in the Chengdu Museum, this hit the face of dragons figurines called "the painted pottery figurines attache beard", was born one thousand years ago houshu period, unearthed in Chengdu District of Longquanyi Zhao Tingyin tomb. Pottery folded hands and smiling, really clever Malone and honest spirit. This hit the face of the incident so that users ridicule unceasingly, in the micro Bo Bo message to see this smile, this is the real landlord’s silly son!" "The stone to Malone because of a fire!" There are users message Malone: look at that time, you are also very handsome!" Some people moved out of Xu Xin’s classic lines: "official Bo, you are doing things!" 3 pm, the Shuabing network hit the face, finally caused the attention of Malone himself. He forwarded the comparison chart of pottery and himself, and replied: "what can I say, only oh." The end of the text is a string of smiling faces, it seems that the fact that the dragon team also tacitly. There are fans of Zhang Jike never too big to watch, "and Zhang Jike" message, a small officer Bo Bian then thrown out of the picture of a creeping sport figures of the Han Dynasty, the spirit of Zhang Jike accidentally fell to the ground in the photo. As of press time reporter, into Bo this micro-blog reading has exceeded 5 million.相关的主题文章: