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Writing Airhead is the story of an average Tomboy who suddenly finds herself in the body of a supermodel. Written by Meg Cabot, the character Emerson Watts is not the regular girls who usually rule the Tribeca Alternative High School. Em Watts, on the other hand, calls them walking dead. She never follows the latest fashion; she instead opts for usual jeans and T-shirt. She Prefers Video Games and Her Best Friend She is not interested in the newest pop sensation or the teenage supermodel of the country Nikki Howard, she would rather play video games with Christopher, her best friend. As fate would have it, she brings her sister to the launch of a Megastore, where the supermodel Nikki Howard also comes. Something goes wrong in the story of Airhead going forward, the TV over Ems sister dislodges, she pushes her sister away and everything goes blank. Supermodel All Around When she wakes up, all she can see in the mirror is Nikki Howard. She has no idea that TV actually fell on her. The supermodel Nikki Howard also suffered a brain aneurysm then and the only way to save both was to save the body of one and brain of another. In a top secret surgery, the surgeons transplant the brain of Em Watts into the body of Nikki Howard. An average girl would have been so happy, but Em Watts is not. She is in a sticky situation and doesnt know how to get out. Ems parents agree for her to continue Nikkis life, complete with interviews and modeling assignments. But Em Watts wants to continue her old life too. Em Watts Wants To Go Back She wants to go back to her old school, and reconnect with her best friend Christopher also. The only problem is Christopher believes his friend is dead, and she cannot divulge the secret to him. The author Meg Cabot is extremely good at writing chick-lit for teenagers. Airhead is a fun, light and fast paced read and the author captures the teenage emotions so well that you would rather believe she is just sixteen. Lovable Premise of the Book The exposure of a teenager into an adult world with plenty of money and little supervision will raise some questions but thats part of the deal. This is going to be one of your favorite Meg Cabot books, because you would love the characters, the premise of the book and in fact the very style of Meg Cabots writing. Readers will find it difficult to wait for the next part, since the ending of Airhead is such a cliffhanger. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. There is a hidden tomboy in every girl. To find out more about her through the story of Em Watts, buy your copy of Airhead at huge discount only at ..uread../book/airhead-meg-cabot/9780330453820 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: