Cai Zhenhua coach Lippi is not due to the remuneration of the football association will not give Hen-vidalia

Cai Zhenhua: Lippi’s not because football will not give Cai Zhenhua the privilege of remuneration Hengda Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 28th, China Football Association held a new national team coach will meet the media, Italy coach Lippi took office. Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua, executive vice president of the United States, as well as the team to attend the team of Zhang Jian and Lippi. Address: Cai Zhenhua Chinese appointed Lippi as head coach of the national team, the Chinese soccer, is of great significance to China football. Chinese Football Association appointed Lippi as coach of the national team, is the choice made in an emergency situation. In this case, we mainly consider the following aspects: first, stable Chinese soccer skill level. The national team has 6 games and then the Asian cup. Chinese team is currently the level is still relatively low, hoped that the new coach can steadily improve the level of skill and tactics for the national team, under the leadership of Lippi, after a period of time, so that the overall level of the national team has obvious improvement. Second, is conducive to the establishment of China soccer service, guarantee mechanism. Hope to hire a new coach opportunity to further enhance the national team management and protection work. Third, to Chinese football consensus over the years, we often learn all the advanced football, a school in Brazil, Germany, while learning while learning Spanish, while learning Japanese, we hope that the new coach can form a new style of football China. Through comprehensive consideration, the technical committee agreed that Lippi is the best candidate for the Chinese team coach, and finally we reached an agreement with Lippi. Although Lippi Hengda success in Guangzhou, but we have to give the team time Lippi, can not lose confidence because of the one or two game gains and losses. From the legal perspective, Hengda club and Lippi, Chinese Football Association and Lippi signed contract, and signed Lippi Hengda foot school as a consultant, are independent, mutual relationship does not occur. Lippi salary on the issue, the Chinese Football Association President, said: for the confidentiality of the terms, I can not disclose the specific number of. But you can briefly introduce Lippi’s salary as the Chinese team coach, the Chinese Football Association to pay the greatest efforts to provide a full reward. We also know that Lippi did not accept the contract because of the amount of remuneration, he is more likely to be able to help Chinese football. Second, but also because of the relationship between hengda. This is indeed the help and support Hengda, Hengda initiative to lift the original contract with Lippi’s work, and in the communication between the Chinese Football Association and Lippi played a bridge role. Lippi only serve the Chinese Football Association, and Hengda club will not happen, the Chinese Football Association will not give any special attention hengda. We will be in accordance with the principles of openness, equality, justice, Hengda, please the majority of media supervision. Before Lippi signed with Hengda foot school as a consultant, Hengda has told the Chinese Football Association, we agree. On the issue of Lippi power, Lippi will be solely responsible for all the work of the national team, the Chinese Football Association is responsible for logistics service.相关的主题文章: