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Caravaggio: the desire of the forbidden fruit Caravaggio draws "Medusa" shield is what makes Caravaggio these paintings full of mortal flesh, is what makes his paintings of saints stories in the history of Western art occupies a space for one person. How do religious paintings evoke people’s understanding of Catholic teachings? At that time the Catholic Church banned the translation of the bible. This means that the lower level of how to learn religious knowledge, painting will play a crucial role. And Caravaggio’s paintings do not seem to be a distant myth, but the real event, the church has become the best story about religious stories. The oil painting of Caravaggio "love conquers all"   Jonathan · Jones Caravaggio in "bitten by a lizard boy", the sun seems to be resident in a glass bottle, bound by general solidification. The oval is a green glass bottle. There was some discoloration in the water, like the hot air in the hot afternoon room. The bottle is on the table, and there are some fruits around it. Pink cherry is the sun shine, purple cherry is hiding in the dark. To cherry is a dirty hands, dirty things on the knuckles deposition can make the skin look dark, and the fingertip, seems to be buried more pollution. This impure hand is frozen in pain. A small lizard hiding in the fruit, gave it a bite. This seeking happy boy raised his eyebrows, his lips say what angry words. His uninjured hand raised, his face a little twitch. The boy’s nose a little greasy, curly curly hair, his lips like a table of purple cherry. This is a pair of full of beautiful lips, born to kiss, lip like Cupid’s bow. His bare shoulders cling to his face, and a beam of sunlight strikes a silver curve on his upper arm. The boy didn’t wear clothes, just at the elbow wrapped in a white sheet, with a red belt tied elegant. Messy hair and a flower, pink and tender, with his disgust, frown contrast. It’s hard not to be surprised and shocked to look at the picture. The bare shoulders evoke some instinctive reactions to the cool viewer, which tells a story of a punishing crime, but who would look at it in such a tedious way? The paintings look disgusting, also let a person charm, it forces the viewer to accept this picture, it provides pleasure, also made the pain. Welcome to this dangerous erotic world, Caravaggio’s world. In 1590s, young Michael Angelo · Merich, which later became known as Caravaggio, is trying to break a piece of heaven and earth in Rome. During the creation of "bitten by a lizard boy", he is adventure adventure – he’s going to throw the helve after the hatchet to sell paintings by taking pictures. Sell paintings! You know, there are few people in sixteenth Century through the open market transactions mainly through painting, artists living patrons commissioned, but never through the shop dealer to sell paintings, but Caravaggio has been the end of hills and rivers. Caravaggio painting "cardsharp" Michael Angelo on ·相关的主题文章: