Changsha take out black workshops hiding area, garage diners mostly college students (video)-hypersnap-dx

A Changsha takeaway black workshop hiding residential garage diners mostly college students original title: takeaway black workshop hiding garage and miscellaneous house mostly surrounding diners law enforcement departments yesterday shutting down 3 students Changsha evening news yesterday, Tianxin District food and Drug Administration and other departments, to carry out remediation actions in the black workshop takeaway Tianxin District the source agency area, shutting down black workshop 3, attachment part production tools. "Whoever dares to take my things, I chop my fingers."." Zhang Bo shot the kitchen knife and yelled at the joint law enforcement officer who came to law enforcement. Behind him was a black, greasy wall. A board piled with debris, a variety of seasoning ingredients on the outer packing of a layer of oil. Liquefier stove pot, spoon soaked in floating grease wastewater, fly in a variety of food, food processing apparatus on the fly to dance. Even when law enforcement officers walked into the site, he voluntarily threw two bags of meat products into the garbage cans. This is a ten square meters of food production sites, located in Tianxin District 9 building lanyuan. This place is the garage floor and miscellaneous floor of residential buildings. Zhang Bo saw its accessibility and rental expenses in such an economy, does not have the production conditions of dining venues, undocumented, making Rice with Stewed Pork and various food cart vendors. A resident surnamed Li said that a telephone can be delivered to the door, and the people who eat will not come to see how the sanitary conditions are. Room service is especially good, hundreds of copies can be sold in one day. Reporters learned that, in the District, the peak period has more than 50 such restaurants make black workshops, there are currently 37. This area is concentrated food black workshop, because the district is located in the Hunan Radio&TV University, Central South University Railway Campus and Central South University of forestry and technology, around more than 50 thousand students are the main customer groups. For the joint law enforcement has been blocked, Wen Yuan community Secretary Li Na also somewhat helpless. She told reporters that the district without Property Management Company, no owners committee, most of the owners will garage miscellaneous house rental. The tenant is basically a producer of takeout food, not only in food processing, but also in the family. All kinds of flammable and explosive goods, such as liquefied equipment, harsh environment processing food, there are security risks. All kinds of sewage and garbage produced by processing food can not be discharged normally, and the environment of the residential area is seriously damaged. Community in April this year issued a rectification notice, requiring black workshops shut down, move away, also carried out three or four law enforcement actions, operators promise on the spot every day, but the second day business as usual, with little effect. (Changsha evening news reporter Zhou Huixia) video recommendation: network ordering shady: Black workshop of college students from a smelly food monopoly hair

长沙一外卖黑作坊藏身小区车库 食客多为大学生原标题:外卖黑作坊藏身小区车库杂屋 食客多为周边大学生 执法部门昨日关停3个长沙晚报讯 昨日,天心区食药监局等多个部门,在天心区文源社区开展外卖黑作坊整治行动,关停黑作坊3个,查封部分生产制作工具。“谁敢收我的东西,我就剁手指。”张波拍着菜刀,朝着前来执法整治的联合执法人员大叫着。他的身后,是一面污黑油腻的墙。一块板子上堆放着杂物,各种调味食材的外包装上一层油污。液化器灶台上锅、勺浸泡在漂着油垢的污水里,苍蝇则在种种食材、食品加工器具上飞来舞去。甚至在执法人员走进该场所时,他自己主动将两大包肉制品扔进了小区垃圾筒。这是一个十来平方米的食品生产制作场所,位于天心区兰苑小区9栋。该场所本为小区楼房的车库层和杂屋层。张波看中其出入便利以及租赁费用经济,在这样一处根本不具备餐饮制作条件的场地,无证无照,制作卤肉饭和各种推车摊贩食品。附近一李姓居民称,一个电话,就可以送餐上门,吃的人也不会来看一看卫生条件怎么样。送餐生意还特别好,一天可以卖出好几百份。记者了解到,在该小区,高峰时期有50多家这样的餐饮制作黑作坊,目前还有37家。这一片区餐饮黑作坊之所以集中,因为小区地处湖南广播电视大学、中南大学铁道校区和中南林科大之间,周围的5万多名学生群体是其主要客户。对于联合执法受到阻挠,文源社区书记李娜也有几分无奈。她告诉记者,这个小区没有物业管理公司、没有业主委员会,大多业主将车库杂屋出租。租用者基本为外卖食品制作者,既在里面进行食物加工,一家人还居住在里面。液化器等各种易燃易爆的物品、恶劣的环境下加工的食品,都存在安全隐患。加工食品产生的各种污水、垃圾不能正常排放,对小区环境破坏严重。社区在今年4月份就下达了整改通知书,要求黑作坊关停、搬离,也曾开展了三四次执法行动,经营者每次当场允诺,但第二天又照常营业,收效甚微。(长沙晚报 记者 周辉霞)视频推荐: 网络订餐黑幕:黑作坊专卖高校学生 网评食物发臭有头发相关的主题文章: