Changzhou, a hotel staff were killed 24 hours after police arrested the suspect (video) gigolos

Changzhou, a hotel staff were killed within 24 hours of the police to arrest the suspects on October 12th at 3 pm, in a hotel near the bridge road, Tianning District fraternity fraternity, robbery occurred causing death. After the incident, city police immediately launched the synthetic investigation mechanism, set up a task force to carry out field investigation, interview investigation, diagnostic investigation work, after 8 hours locked Liaoning lvmou suspects, and rushed to the Zhejiang Ningbo arrest. Yesterday at 4 am, lvmou arrested in Ningbo, the afternoon was escorted back to normal. Changzhou evening news reporter learned that the night of the incident, Lu came to the front of the incident Hotel theft of mobile phones, will be on duty at the front desk of the victim woke up. Mei ran out of the hotel and Lu a fight, Lu took out a knife to carry a plum stabbed, Mei died due to excessive bleeding. Passerby: suspicious blood roadside, then backtracking, 150 meters outside the hotel in a shirtless man lying on the ground at noon yesterday, the reporters came to the door of Boai New Oriental English educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as the New Oriental), found on the ground can still see a clear blood, extends to the road opposite the hotel. The first to find the situation and the police, is a foreign tourist pingmou." Bureau of the police station Wu Hao said. 12 at 4 in the morning, pingmou under the train, walk through the fraternity Road, New Oriental entrance, a large pool of red liquid attracted his attention. Pingmou stepped forward to see, to determine the blood, and blood to the opposite side of the road extension. Feng Moushun with blood direction to walk across the street to 150 meters outside the door of a hotel. Pingmou saw the hotel door open, blood directly extended to the front desk, a naked man lying naked in the bar. Subsequently, pingmou with the hotel reception next to the phone to the police. The reduction: suspect stealing mobile phone awakened the victim, fight to stabbed after receiving the alarm, at 4:30 in the morning, Wu Hao and colleagues rushed to the scene, saw a middle-aged man lying in a pool of blood, a lot of wounds right leg. When we arrived at the scene and found that the man has no vital signs, Wu Hao said he initially learned at the scene, the victim surnamed Mei, 51 years old this year, is one of several partners in the hotel. In the evening, a person on duty, in the cubicle next to the bar. We found a tenant in the two floor, when he saw the incident, Mei suddenly chased out of the hotel, and the shoes are not worn. Tenant thought it was a dispute with Mei, did not go out." In pingmou under the guidance of Wu Hao came to New Oriental door, saw a large share of blood, a white shirt and a broken broom handle on the side, were besmeared with blood. Yesterday afternoon, the Changzhou evening news reporter in the police station Bureau Street, see the video data in the hotel, the reduction of the incident: the theft was discovered, the suspect ran out of the hotel. The original suspect at 3:38 on the 12 to enter the hotel, walked into the front desk to get a phone on the computer host. When the suspect took the phone, the phone accidentally fell, woke up mei. Mei ran after the. 3:50, Mei returned to the hotel, leaving a clear bloodstains on the floor. 4:20, pingmou entered the hotel and alarm. "We speculate that meimou to New Oriental gate and fight suspect was stabbed and robbed相关的主题文章: