Cheap Flights Will Get You To Bikes In Berlin-sunny came home

Travel-and-Leisure You can get some cheap flights all over Europe, but if you’re a keen cyclist but are not sure where to head to this summer, make it Berlin. There are some fantastic cycling paths in the city, and in fact cars are outnumbered by bicycles here! Add in a whole heap of beautiful historic sights, art galleries and restaurants and you’ve got the perfect holiday anyone can have on two wheels! You can pick up cheap hire bikes all over the city, from a variety of cycle hire shops – so if you don’t want to bring your own you will have plenty of options to get some wheels. For enjoyable cycling exercise and local history, Berlin really is the place for you. Gorlitzer Park has an interesting history as it was once the site of Gorlitzer station which connected East and West Germany. The station’s dramatic remains still stand after it was torn down with the construction of the Berlin wall. Remember to take your camera out with you as you are guaranteed to want to capture a lot of what you see. You can get cheap flights to Berlin and then enjoy the free spaces. Tiegarten Park is a must-see. It’s considered to be the world’s largest (and most attractive) urban park – perfect for cycling! In fact, cycling is not only allowed in the park but it is encouraged, which you don’t often find in city parks. The park also has other exciting features going for it. Park up your bike and visit the zoo, or the aquarium, or simply pack a picnic and sit and watch the people go by. If you book one of the Cheap flights to Berlin don’t think for one minute that your hotel bill will be expensive as there is a great choice of .fortable ac.modation available at .petitive prices. Take a look at some of the great deals and offers currently available for your cycling holiday. The unbelievably priced four-star Hoppergarten Berlin Hotel has many appealing amenities including sound proof rooms, a bar/restaurant and a gym sauna. Within close proximity to Tiegarten you will soon be in cycling heaven. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: