Cheap Road transformation to tear cheap road label will chase private custom (video) aptana studio

The transformation of Cheap Road "Cheap road" to tear the label will follow "private ordering" (Figure 1) in many people’s impression, in addition to Cheap Road the most keen to bargain and buy cheap goods "student", is the wholesale, the pimp cart frequently face "black plastic bag". In order to strive to shake off the "Cheap" label, Cheap Road is imperceptibly make only superficial changes in an interview with reporters after had learned that the transformation and development of Cheap Road district will serve as the focus of the work in Jingan District after the removal of a 2 "in advance. Yesterday, Cheap Road clothing business district first overall transformation project revealed the mystery: Triumph city Seoul fashion center appeared, marking the development route of Cheap Road district is expected to gradually shift from the traditional apparel wholesale and retail personalized fashion, from a low price as the main attraction to the pursuit of "private custom". The original price advantage of continuous loss of Cheap Road clothing business district has a total of 12 markets, to Henan road as the boundary, the East is Hongkou District, there are two markets; the west is Jingan District, there are 10 markets, the total construction area of about 300000 square meters. With the continuous rise of electricity providers, Cheap Road’s original price advantage continues to drain, the environment, services and other aspects are also criticized. Reporters saw yesterday, who was famous for "old prosperous" clothing city for individual stores closed, even if the "stick to post" is also mostly in the blues, or take Tuxiutu, to concentrate on the operation of the shop, insufficient light building information posted everywhere for lease, rent. Compared with the recent maozuliaojin "upgrade" in major shopping malls, all the way to go from time to time can be seen scattered in a wrapping paper, etc. express a single particle, trash the old style in the elevator, the neighboring shops between the narrow aisle, occasionally need to bypass the store of goods can diffuse out before shopping experience is not ideal. From wholesale to retail tilt but the reporter noted, the silence for a while Cheap Road district also recently had a slightly different "new market", Cheap Road’s first overall transformation project "triumph of the city" and "old prosperity" clothing of the city road, into a Seoul fashion center was clean, many bright. The mall each layer is separated into several shops, although each shop selling clothes, varieties of different categories, but the overall decoration basically followed the popular small fresh style profile coat many "Korean style" a lot of women’s flagship store merchandise, children’s clothing brand, mostly loose leisure "influx of goods"." In the pursuit of authentic Korean fashion clothing, Cheap Road’s first commercial district overall transformation project to the Korean team to build the Seoul fashion center, has been assigned to the THE-VIEW and JARFECT are among the latest Korean popular brand, while the 3 floor of the 42 children’s clothing shops are all from South Korea’s specialized wholesale market PAINTTOWN. From the previous wholesale oriented retail tilt gradually, and consumer groups are mainly located at the age of 20 -40 years old." Relevant responsible person said, the introduction of Seoul east gate, South Gate, such as the Korean goods market trend brand, so that consumers can see in Cheap Road, buy the latest popular Korean clothing相关的主题文章: