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North City real estate into Germany city brand, north of the city real estate into Germany city card, for ordinary citizens, EMU bus brings convenience of travel. But for real estate and tourism industry, it is full of business opportunities. Reporters learned that, as early as the middle of September, the news about the German motor bus public transport has been reported, but there is no timetable. But businesses have already smelled business opportunities. Deyang high speed rail station around the real estate played "Iron Age" and "Chengde City", "high life" slogan, or even a real estate simply put the rail traffic diagram and peripheral public traffic map hanging in the center while the wall to give buyers a clear sign. Obviously, the importance of rail transit for this project. Originally, the motor car ride to Chengdu, can be directly connected to the subway, from Deyang to Chengdu in the four corners of the world are convenient, running bus plus, not to worry about tickets." A real estate marketing official said, they have added new housing, and the flagship is "high-speed rail era."". Reporters from some real estate insiders were informed that, on the one hand, North District and the Yellow River New District real estate plus new housing, on the other hand, prices no longer have more concessions, and even a slight rise. For the area of education institutions, is also a big positive, or will attract more high-speed rail along the city students to study in Deyang. "School district rooms are more than 4000 square meters, attractive."." Deyang a school responsible person, this autumn semester, Chengdu friends, children did not read the good school in mind, came to Deyang to study. High speed rail transit operation, or will attract more people in Deyang, foreigners in the high-speed rail station as the center of the region to settle down. High speed rail not only can expand the radius of life of Deyang people, but also bring tourists, especially like Sanxingdui, Deyang Confucious’temple, Pang Tong temple and the rural tourist attractions around Deyang, the tourists will be more. Deyang transport bureau director Liao Lixin said, they have also considered high-speed rail transit and urban public transport seamless problem, in the future or in accordance with the situation of passengers to add high-speed rail station to Sanxingdui and other scenic spots of public transport. At present, DeYang Railway Station hub has the ability to realize the passenger "zero transfer", let the train station, chengmianle passenger dedicated DeYang Railway Station, bus station and bus station "four in one", the mutual transfer between the four stations of the time were not more than 10 minutes.

城北地产打出成德同城牌   城北地产打出成德同城牌   对普通市民来说,动车公交化带来的是出行的方便。而对于包括房地产和旅游产业来说,则是满满的商机。   记者了解到,早在9月中旬,关于成德动车公交化的消息就已经传出,只是没有时间表。但商家却已经嗅到了其中的商机。   德阳高铁站周边的楼盘打出了“高铁时代”、“成德同城”、“高铁生活圈”等标语,甚至一家楼盘干脆就把轨道交通的示意图以及周边配套的公共交通图挂在售房中心的墙上,给购房者一个清晰的告示。显而易见,轨道交通对于该项目的重要性。   “本来坐动车到成都就可以直接接驳地铁,从德阳到成都的东西南北中都方便,加上公交化运行,不再为票发愁。”一楼盘营销负责人表示,他们已经加推了新的房源,而主打的就是“高铁时代”。   记者从一些房地产业内人士处获悉,一方面城北片区和黄河新区的楼盘加推新房源,另一方面价格也不再有更多的优惠,甚至有了小幅的涨势。   对于该片区的教育机构来说,也是一大利好,或将吸引更多的高铁沿线城市学生到德阳就读。“学区房都在4000多一平米,具有吸引力。”德阳一学校负责人介绍,今年秋季开学,有成都的朋友孩子没有读到心目中的好学校,便来德阳就读了。   高铁的公交化开行,或将吸引更多的德阳市民、外地人在以高铁站为中心的区域安家。   高铁不仅能扩大德阳人的生活半径,还能带来客源,尤其像三星堆、德阳文庙、庞统祠以及德阳周边的乡村旅游景点,客源将更多。   德阳市交通局局长廖立新表示,他们也已经在考虑高铁公交化后与城市公共交通的无缝对接问题,将来或根据旅客使劲情况增设高铁站至三星堆等旅游景点的专线公共交通。   目前,德阳站综合枢纽已具备实现客运“零换乘”的能力,让火车站、成绵乐客专德阳站、汽车北站和公交总站“四站合一”,四站之间相互换乘的时间均不超过10分钟。相关的主题文章: