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The chest two pounds, up to the big stone – Sohu of postpartum maternal and child breast lump is going on 1, check to see if it is lobular hyperplasia. May be due to fluctuations in the level of hormones caused by the body, can eat Xiaoyao Pill conditioning try. Patients with breast hyperplasia should go to the hospital every year to do a specialist examination, if necessary, to do color Doppler ultrasound, infrared emulsion or mammography to check. Suggest that you can take milk tablets to treat it. 2, in some cases galactostasis, if deposition is more serious, will cause the formation of mastitis infection. Mastitis is caused by milk siltation, milk deposition can not be excluded due to excessive pressure, local edema, bacterial invasion and the formation of inflammatory problems. Postpartum breast lumps no prenatal symptoms in postpartum milk lump, one or two days later, which suddenly have some breast lumps, some small lumps, some entire breast swollen badly. And milk with your hands to get down, squeeze out a little bit. The whole breast pain or tingling. If there are more than that, it can be determined that the milk siltation, which is commonly referred to as blocking milk. The reason is because just plugging milk production after the milk, the breast is not smooth due to the. The milk siltation inside, forming a small lump or lump, seriously affect the milk. Some mothers blocked one or two days later, due to the lack of timely dredging, resulting in milk, the baby had to eat milk powder. Some cause mastitis, need to go to the hospital to take medicine and injections. What is more, due to the delay of treatment time, resulting in purulent infection and surgery. We remind you: don’t look at small lumps to the maternal postpartum, the damage is great. Can not be blind to the effect. How to treat postpartum breast lumps in method 1, the most simple and practical, to pick the cactus thorns, grinding into paste, apply to the affected part (if the amount is better, such as the effect of mirabilite Qingdai adding 10g into mixed cactus paste). 2, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, decoction of Chinese medicine treatment, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have great advantages, there is no resistance of embarrassment, so the effect is much better. From my clinical experience, to be much better than the western medicine is even better than western medicine infusion treatment effect, look at the advice mom to find a higher levels of traditional Chinese medicine. 3 traditional Chinese massage therapy. This is the best method of treatment effect. Specific approach is to relieve the swelling of the breast, excluding milk as the goal, professional masseur can be resolved, most patients can be cured once treatment. 4, antibiotic infusion therapy, which is the conventional, the worst. 5, if the more serious type can use a variety of methods combined therapy, the effect is better. Postpartum Breast Nursing 1, galactostasis early lumps, with bra, improve blood circulation, local cold compress 3 to 5 minutes to reduce the secretion of milk, can continue breastfeeding. 2, more milk, the breast skin tight, baby to contain the nipple sucking, can squeeze some milk to make the areola become soft, so baby can suck right with most part of the areola. 3, according to the needs of feeding your baby, to squeeze out excess milk. 4, the nipple ulceration or chapped, such as pain than available micro drama相关的主题文章: