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Diabetes Child care is always tough; when a child is evidently in pain, it is hard to choose from the available course of actions: whether to rush to the urgent care centre, to the emergency room, or to the family doctors care. Leaving the child to the Doctors care is quite often the best choice; so your safest bet is to take the child to the physician. Family physicians usually have a personal relationship with the child, and they are aware of childs medical history. If you think that this isnt a good reason, think about the fact that your physician knows the allergies and vaccinations history of your child. However, it may be difficult to get through to your doctor on a fairly short notice, and in some cases your child might ne needing immediate care and medical attention. If you child is suffering life-threatening illness or injuries, you must dial the helpline and take the child to the emergency room. Emergency Rooms are usually quite well-equipped to handle the cases of serious illness and injuries. Although, if you are absolutely sure that the injury or illness isnt severe, avoid emergency rooms. Emergency rooms can sometimes be quite overcrowded and invariably almost, quite costly. Urgent care centers provide a good choice, when the illness or injury isnt life-threatening but the patient needs to see the doctor urgently, nonetheless. Urgent care centers usually manage to give attention to the patient, relatively quicker, and they arent as costly. There are certain misconceptions about Urgent care centers: people usually do not know that certain urgent care centers avail the services of licensed physicians; they usually also have x-ray facilities, lab-testing, and on-spot pharmacies. It is always handy to visit the closest care center to check out the services they have on offer. It is also advisable to have an idea of the cost that you would have to incur in a care center, in times of emergency. In distressful times it us usually hard to pick up the right option. Hence one should always be mentally prepared for such situations. Fevers are usually a very frequent complaint with children. If your child has a low-grade fever, you can make an appointment with your family physician. However, if the fever is 100-103 F, and the child exhibits the common symptoms of flu or cold, you should be taking the child to urgent care center. If the fever exceeds the 103 F mark, it is best to head to an emergency room. In case of life-threatening injuries, you should always head to the emergency room. In case of a non-life-threatening injuries though, an urgent care clinic can do the job. However, you should always call ahead to check if the center has a board-certified physician. If you have a health insurance, check if the center would accept it. For illness of injuries that arent very uncomfortable or painful, you should make an appointment with your physician. Remember that immediate care decisions are important, and can influence your childs health as well as your pocket. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: