Children’s Opera legend the best gift in Jiangsu windows — for kids

Children’s Opera legend: the best gift in Jiangsu windows — original title for the children: it is for the children of Peking Opera Peking Opera, and opera; it is also a myth, legend; it is also the traditional drama, modern drama; old people love to see it, the children more love it. October 8th to 9, Hubei Province outstanding plays, children’s opera "the myth of Liangzi Lake legend" Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre in Beijing, reporting performance, discerning audience for capital from the ancient city of Ezhou performances, with warm applause. Man and nature: the eternal theme of "Liang lake, deep lake beam, grass green, clear water, fish and turtle crab with play, race each other make jubilation." The curtain opened, the dragon fish Princess played in accompaniment singing, playing with the fish, a beautiful, mysterious and lively world of Liangzi lake. Stage switch. High Tang county people Yu Niang fishing on the lake. At this time, the dragon fish princess was accidentally under the hook of the hook, jade Niang heard cry for help to save the dragon fish princess. Thanks for the help of grace, the dragon fish Princess of adults, that jade Niang as ganniang. Stage, a person with the aquarium, the harmonious coexistence of people and the lake scene. The story begins here. Dragon fish princess for Thanksgiving to the son of Wang jade Niang lake a pearl, the Pearl Lake Wang to the government, if the government knows it has a dragon fish Princess after they want to get in, the fish did not do anything. So, the government will use unscrupulous saltpeter sulfur "boiling Lake", forcing the dragon fish to fish aquarium led struggle died. Dragon fish father King Lake bate, set off waves to Gaotang county all drowned. At this time, Wang Hu to come forward, and mother jade Niang incarnation Xialiangzi Island, saved the local people, and the dragon fish princess is the embodiment of the lotus lake, often accompanied by them. The last stage picture frames at the now the statue on the island of liangzi. The story comes from the legend of Ezhou Liangzi Lake area. The people here believe, so is the Liangzi island. According to the local people, the original Xialiangzi island called "Snake Island", in honor of mother and son. Liangzi Lake is the country’s eighth largest freshwater lake, the birthplace of Wuchang, the number of biological water lake more than the sum of Japanese and Australian water biomass. The last century began in 70s around the lake fish, so Liangzi Lake area is more and more small, the water quality is getting worse. In July this year, suffered a catastrophic flood in Liangzi Lake, ensure the water level in more than 7 days later, the local government decided to blow up the Niushan Lake sub Lake dike, to reproduce the old style of Liangzi lake. "Natural disasters are due to man-made beginning", which had an everlasting truth. Liang tried to tell us through a fairy tale that the desire to control and awe of nature, human nature and the harmonious coexistence of nature, sustainable development. The "beam" drama pays great attention to describe the level of spirit, hard-working, courageous jade Niang, gratitude, fear of rape dragon fish, Zhicuojiugai, Wang fearless of death for a just cause is a vivid expression of the lake, the Chinese traditional virtues and values. Innovative ideas, so that Peking Opera approached the child is a classic Chinese traditional art. However, a worrying fact is that the traditional opera has long occupied Peking Opera相关的主题文章: