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"China story – great power era" forum held in the interpretation of the great power diplomacy experts – Wang Fan, Wang Yizhi, and (from left to right). Beijing, August (Xinhua) 29 China story big country era theme forum held in Beijing 28. Forum invited Liu Jianfei, vice president of China Foreign Affairs University, great power diplomacy author Wang Fan, Renmin University of China, University of International Relations Professor, vice president of the International Institute for Strategic Studies of the Central Party school attended the meeting, attended by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Three experts talk about how to treat the large Chinese rise from diplomatic, cultural and historical perspective, and how to understand the deep connotation of diplomacy "Chinese characteristics. Wang Fan said that the diplomatic strategy with Chinese characteristics, we must have two major premise, on the one hand is different from the Western powers in the past 500 years, the rise of a new model; on the other hand, must be a major diplomatic strategy. The so-called "big power diplomacy" does not refer to the diplomacy between great powers. The characteristics of China diplomacy not to engage in "alliance diplomacy", not to engage in colonial expansion, nor the delineation of spheres of influence, we emphasize that the partnership is to win-win cooperation, to promote the realization of human fate, to make win-win cooperation has become a core principle of our foreign relations. Wang Fan stressed that "great power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics" to establish a great power mentality, great power consciousness. Wang Fan said in the past, we are a large and weak country, are considering how to uphold the weak against the strong, is the weak state of mind, now we both political and economic, military, diplomatic and other aspects are fully deserve great power, so we must set up the great power mentality. We also have a greater mind and vision, to show the power of tolerance, establish the country authority. To form a positive, constructive and just force in the international community. In addition, we must continue to create new ideas, new ideas, new philosophies with Chinese characteristics, but also to allow the international community to feel the power of this thought. This kind of thought is not only the sublimation of traditional culture, but also more innovation. In order to win the universal respect of the international community, we must combine the mentality of the great powers, the authority of the great powers, and the thoughts of the great powers! Liu Jianfei expounded the great power diplomacy from three aspects: the diplomacy of the great powers, the relationship between China and the great powers, and the diplomacy of China as a great power. He reviewed the China as a regional population, the sense of traditional country, how to change with the change of international structure and political, economic and military, diplomatic and other comprehensive strength are in line with the "power", positioning by the international community widely recognized and respected in the country. He stressed that the so-called "China characteristics" to see from the historical perspective, the Western powers Chinese once suffered oppression, therefore, as a socialist country, China could not go to the Western powers of colonialism, the hegemony of the old politics. But to common development with neighboring countries. Wang Yiwei said that the so-called "China characteristic diplomacy", the first is "big country" concept, which includes three aspects, the first is now known as the big country in history and what is the difference. In the past, China stressed that the "Kingdom of China", which is only a regional concept, and today.相关的主题文章: