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Chongqing cracked brush single major nearly 200 thousand registered members involved over 100 million "double 11" coming up, you are ready to do a hand chop party? To buy peace of mind, the quality of the best selling models, consumers online shopping, there is a common method: check the credit rating of the store and the volume of goods purchased. As everyone knows, these information is likely to be single brush brush out. Yesterday, Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Banan branch to the exclusive report recently investigated illegal scalping cases, involving over 100 million yuan, up to 190 thousand members. Using the data of fixed illegal evidence at the beginning of May, Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau received a report reflecting a "blue sky network shop in the organization of illegal scalping behavior, then, the case is being investigated by the trade and Industry Bureau immediately hand in Banan district. In the case of illegal body fixing difficult problem, the law enforcement team while contact Alibaba combing intelligence data, while the use of registered account into the main store blue sky survey for trading on the site Alipay account lock. At the same time, relying on Alibaba’s "big data", the investigators locked the Alipay account for nearly two years, the corresponding flow ID number, telephone number and IP address. In May 18th, law enforcement officers came to the residence is located in Jiangbei District branch network operators Yang Moumou blue sky, on the scene of the inspection, according to law to extract the "blue sky" and the main shop "information management background data, found that the report is true. Illegal scalping trading platform for the investigation, the site to carry out this business for over 5 years. In March 21, 2011, Yang Moumou opened the name "brush credit net", later renamed the Lantian store network was built using the site as a "hand brush need business shops and enhance their business reputation to false trading" (others to enhance business reputation rewards for fictitious transactions) between the scalper trading platform. Business shop and the "brush hand" must be registered on the site to become a member, through the website and website to accept the task, the virtual "point" as currency, for business shop issuing tasks and "brush hand" gets paid "points" for the convertibility of RMB, Yang a supplier by the shop to pay "point" and the "brush hand" gets "profit margin". In the process of transaction, merchants and brush hand by sending empty express package, or to fill in the electronic business platform website recorded in the form of express order flow away. In order to achieve the purpose of "single", through illegal access to other people’s information, and then use the form of mailing empty boxes, not to send out the goods, but also increased the volume of transactions. Some of the credit rating of such shops even diamond class or crown level, and a single product transaction volume up to tens of thousands of pens. In this platform, the three party each one takes what he needs. Business shop through the consumption of RMB to buy blue shop Main "point" and the payment of the transfer return, completed the "brush" task, get a number of false sales and praise, win false business reputation. "Brush hand" through their advance payment, to complete the "brush" task, the blue sky shop grid point and compensation payment, and will store the main blue sky "point" is converted into RMB income. Yang Moumou electricity supplier from the store to pay and get the brush point to get the difference.相关的主题文章: