Deyang people drive to work in the car before continuous variable road accident xianniang (map) (vid-puritans pride

Deyang people drive to work in the car before continuous variable road accident xianniang (map) the morning of September 20th, Deyang (micro-blog) Mr. Lai people drive to work, passing through the Yangtze River Road, next to a car suddenly change lanes, Mr. Lai immediately kick Jicha, but fortunately did not cause the accident near misses. By the tachograph Lai that day at 7:44 in the morning, Mr. Lai drove from east to West in the Yangtze River Road to Jinghu hotel entrance, a white car suddenly change lanes turn into Lai lane, Mr Lai car nearly hit the tail of the white car, Mr. Lai on the side the brakes, side horn, white car and fast speed, continuous variable right three lanes, and then disappeared in the rain. Afterwards, Mr. Lai congratulated himself on his quick reaction and low speed. As the saying goes, a car accident is fiercer than a tiger. Once a car accident occurs, it will bring harm and pain to himself and his family and even others. Fall into the autumn, rainfall frequently, in such weather, driving and what should pay attention to it? First of all, if it is rainy slippery ground, will greatly decrease the friction between the tire and the ground, it is easy to slip, so not the brakes in the corner when, should advance "Diancha" slow down, then into the corner. Second, when the temperature difference between inside and outside the car windshield is larger, easy condensation fog, blocking the line of sight, at this time, to open the air-conditioning, cold wind blowing to the windshield with fast defogging. Third, encountered water section, low-speed straight line, do not stop at random, when you do not know the depth of the water, do not blindly advance. Fourth, some drivers had just finished washing the car it rains, encounter puddles on emergency avoidance intention to avoid the pursuit direction puddle, it’s easy to cause the rear end or rub. We also remind you, please be careful driving the car on the road, put safety first, to go home. Deyang radio and television reporter Intern Wang Pengfei Liu Liu even into the editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading car to change the driver and rear road rage

德阳一市民开车上班 遇前车连续变道险酿车祸(图) 9月20日早上,德阳(微博)市民赖先生开车去上班,途经长江西路时,旁边的一辆汽车突然变道,赖先生立马一脚急刹,幸好有惊无险,没有造成车祸事故。通过赖先生的行车记录仪显示:当天早上7点44分,赖先生开车在长江路上由东向西行驶,到旌湖宾馆门口时,突然一辆白色汽车变道拐进赖先生的车道,赖先生的车头差一点就撞上白色汽车的尾部,赖先生一边踩刹车,一边按喇叭,白色汽车又迅速提速,连续向右变了三根车道,然后消失在雨中。事后,赖先生庆幸自己反应迅速车速不快。俗话说,车祸猛于虎,一旦出了车祸事故,会给自己和家人甚至他人带来伤害和痛苦。眼下进入秋季,降雨频繁,在这样的天气里,开车出行又该注意些什么呢?首先,如果是雨天地面湿滑,轮胎与地面的摩擦力会大大下降,很容易轮胎侧滑,所以在拐弯的时候不能急刹车,应提前“点刹”减速,然后进入弯道。第二,当车内外温差较大,挡风玻璃容易凝结雾气,阻挡视线,此时,要打开空调,用冷风吹向挡风玻璃快速除雾。第三,遇到积水路段,低速直线慢行,不要随意停车,在不清楚积水深浅时,不要盲目前进。第四,有的驾驶员刚洗完车就遇到下雨,遇到小水坑就紧急避让猛打方向意图避开水坑,这很容易造成追尾或剐蹭。在此我们也提醒大家,开车上路请一定谨慎驾驶,把安全放在第一位,高兴出门平安回家。德阳广播电视台记者刘连 刘进 实习生王鹏飞编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 轿车变道追尾 路怒司机又现相关的主题文章: