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Food-and-Drink Mumbai is a coastal area and is surrounded by seas and beaches. So when it .es to choosing the right food, make sure that you choose seafood since that is probably the best choice you can make out of everything. Mumbai also known for being the city of dreams, you can have the best time with your friends in any ways you would wish to. Usually the pop and pub culture being so famous, sometimes it be.es necessary to cut away from all the noise and just have a quiet time. And the best way to do that is visit the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai . You will be in for a good treat, not just with the good and .fortable feel, but also with such mouth-watering good served on your plate. Butter garlic prawns are one of the best choices you could make. It is moderately spicy and can be had as a side dish. If you visit these restaurants, you can order for a bowl or white and steamed rice and have butter garlic prawns as a side dish or use the gravy as a mix up with your rice. And especially when you choose to have it from any part of Mumbai, which has been known to be home to many fishing colonies, it is going to be your best choice so far. To make your choices easy, visit Andheri to taste their seafood: If at all, you find yourself confused where exactly in Mumbai to visit, then you should try out a seafood restaurant in Andheri . They are said to have the best all cooked by their chef who knows the knacks of cooking seafood. The best part about these places is that each time you visit them; every dish will feel like a new dish. They are all prepared by professional chefs who have an expertise in their field. Indian spices have magic in them and that is exactly why seafood tasted in here is so good and finger licking. It is sure to leave you asking for more and a second visit is inevitable. One major concern that many people have when it .es to seafood is the cleanliness. More often fishes tend to stink. So when you are visiting a seafood restaurant in Andheri, you can keep these concerns at bay. They are all handled and cleaned in the best hygienic conditions. So, you do not have to go through anymore of stinky fish and only delicious and scrumptious food for dinner or lunch. Make the most of this opportunity and visit any one of your favorite and best seafood restaurant in Mumbai and have a fulfilling and scrumptious dinner or lunch. It serves two purposes at once, one being getting to relish on good seafood and second being a good time with friends under the benefits of good ambience. So you get to break away from all the noise and madness and get to have a nice and relaxed time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: