Egypt’s first recognition of Russian airliner A321 destroyed terrorist acts – China new

Egypt’s first admitted Russian A321 aircraft was destroyed "terrorist acts" – Beijing, Beijing, February 25, according to the Russian satellite network news, Egyptian President Cecilia 24 admitted for the first time Russian Airbus A321 plane crash in Sinai Peninsula occurred over the "terrorist attacks", A321 is "destroyed". Reported that Cecilia in 2030 before the national development report show said: "on terrorism fight is over? No, I haven’t decided yet. Is the perpetrators of terrorist attacks just to crack down on tourism? No, it’s aimed at striking contacts with Russia, Italy and other countries." This is the first time that Cairo has publicly acknowledged that there are external factors in the A321 accident. In October 31, 2015, Russia suffered the largest air crash in aviation history. The Russian Kogalym Airlines flight from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg Airbus A321 aircraft crashed in the Sinai Peninsula, machine 217 passengers and 7 crew were killed, most of the victims are Russian citizens. Alexander Ltnikov, director of the Russian Federation Security Bureau, said the air crash was caused by terrorist attacks.

埃及首承认俄客机A321被击毁系“恐怖行为”-中新网   中新网2月25日电 据俄罗斯卫星网消息,埃及总统塞西24日首次承认西奈半岛上空发生的俄空客A321空难为“恐怖袭击”,A321是“被击毁”的。   报道称,塞西在展示国家2030年前发展报告时说:“对恐怖主义的对抗是否已经结束?不,还没有。恐怖袭击的实施者为的只是打击旅游业吗?不,是为了打击与俄罗斯、意大利和其他各国的联系。”   这是开罗方面首次公开承认A321事故存在外部因素。   2015年10月31日,俄罗斯发生了航空史上最大的一次空难。俄罗斯科加雷姆航空公司一架从沙姆沙伊赫飞往圣彼得堡空客A321客机在西奈半岛失事,机上的217名乘客和7名机组人员全部遇难,大部分遇难者是俄罗斯公民。   俄罗斯联邦安全局局长亚历山大娠尔特尼科夫称,空难是由恐怖袭击所致。相关的主题文章: