Encounter commercial speech trap, the stars how to break mcncc

Encounter commercial speech trap, the stars how to break? Hu Xia (data plan) time information times is not long but Houston rich commercial speech is an important source of income for many artists, but not all of my business can end in the scene when the organizers and to the satisfaction of all, various reasons artists for performances, photographs, and other additional requirements for friction, improper handling will let yourself in danger at any time. Ada Choi has worked in micro-blog feel exclaimed "kidnapped", Anthony Wong has said he tried to "not even the money, and assistant staff Jizou" Thriller situation. Recently, "those years" singer Hu Xia on the show when encountering "forced to" embarrassment, but also a lot of people eat melon refresh for understanding the star of his business, and on the Hu Xia with the organizers asked to sing derivative songs, also caused a lot of friends talk. Look back at some of the business experienced stars, when they encounter similar events, will choose how to deal with it? Thematic planning Author Information Times reporter Huang Wenhao contract requirements should not cooperate? The super star avenue sixth championship debut for the concert movie theme song "in those years, we were chasing the girl" and the audience know the singer Hu Xia, although not the explosion of red, but has been working continuously. In addition to the album, Gao Xiaosong picked the concert movie "my deskmate" theme song of the same name, is also involved in movies, including Alec Su’s directorial debut "left ear" plays "Utah" angle, this year he also served as the "Super Girls" Nanjing changou judges. But never thought, this time he pushed micro-blog hot search, with all of these works has nothing to do, but a "forced Hu Xiashang duet" the news. "The stage duet" version passed multiple events online in August 29th broke, with the later Hu Xia studio scene is completely two reduction trend. At that time, who broke the news at Hu Xia in Wuxi (for Suzhou) to do activities, appearance fees as high as 500 thousand, but his performance in the process is not fit again and again singing the wrong song, after the organizers asked Hu Xia to apologize, but he must be satisfied to leave the stage to sing "". The event broke the problem to Hu Xia took the money Poser and irresponsible, but soon appeared on another version of the argument, there is news that Hu Xia is in a micro business activities, because the micro business boss gave a song let Hu Xia live, but Hu Xia refused to match and after the event, Hu Xia’s car was stopped by the organizers, asked him to return to the stage singing, Hu Xia was forced to return, tears is still on the stage. Hu Xia studio after the statement, roughly the same as the second versions of the same, but denied the tears, but also posted a performance agreement to prove that this show is not a net cost of 250 thousand of the transmission of the 500 thousand. According to the "no show" to say, Hu Xiafang said, the fact is Hu Xia according to the provisions of the contract live "those years" and "two" for me to take care of her song, but was forced to sing the song sponsor brand. In this case, for the sake of safety and avoid on-site escalation of conflict, Hu Xiacai choice came again. After the video was also picked up, Hu Xia has returned to the demolition of the half of the stage, the organizers of the suspected person in charge of the audience said: "hu.相关的主题文章: