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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Living Arrangements I am 30 years old and I am still living in the house I moved into when I was studying at University. I share the house with three other girls, two who are actually at University and one who is working like me. Its a convenience situation really as it only takes me a ten minute tram journey to get into the city centre. It does bother me however, that we have an average age of 26, not one boyfriend between us and three cats. I really think we need to offload the cats as they scream spinster and I certainly dont want to end up an old maid. However for the moment we have decided to embrace our singledom and book us a girlie holiday somewhere hot and sunny. We have got to keep the budget quite tight as frankly we often live a little beyond our means, champagne taste and beer money describes us perfectly. As the head of the household, based on age, I have been given the task of finding the perfect holiday for the perfect price. This is not a particularly daunting task as I am quite experienced in searching for cheap holidays on the internet. I usually visit 5hop5.co.uk and get myself an Expedia voucher code which can bring the price down a great deal. The worlds our oyster, if only we had some more money! So where do we want to go? Answer, where can we afford to go? We are going to have to stay within Europe and use the advantage of cheap flights. My first stop is Expedia.co.uk. I love the Expedia site as it lets you tailor-make your own break. Flight only, hotel only, package deal, the options are endless. They are also very well priced. Last year I managed to get an all inclusive break to Cancun using an Expedia discount code . It only cost a little over 500. Anyway, back to this years little jaunt. I have always been intrigued by Barcelona and I have found a fabulous price on flights. I hope I can find a hotel as I can already picture myself strolling up the Ramblas and sitting in the Catalunya Square with a glass of crisp white wine. The problem is that we dont want to slum it. We wont be happy in a cheap hostel type hotel and need somewhere which is going to offer a certain amount of luxury. I have found a hotel called the Rivoli Ramblas which is centrally located and looks very fresh and modern. Expedia gives the hotel a four star rating and prices start from 147 euros per room which is equivalent to 65 per person per night. It seems a little too good to be true. In conjunction to having a valid Expedia promo code it also offers the ability to use an Expedia coupon on final check out which would be an added bonus. The Expedia coupons are available through a Saturday newspaper so I am going to pick one up this weekend. Decisions, Decisions I hope the girls decide to go with the Barcelona idea. Its a little more chic then ending up in chavtastic Tenerife, although I would be lying if I said that I wasnt partial to the odd bit of Canary Winter sun. Barcelona seems to have it all, sightseeing, shopping, sun, sand and sea. What more could your ask for? Maybe one of us will be swept off our feet by some mysterious Spanish lothario. If one of us is that lucky, please God let it be me. I could really do with some romance under the stars. Hmm, better stop the dreaming for now, the blasted cats want feeding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: