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.bining a good location with an enjoyable idea can lead to a memorable family reunion. If you are planning a family reunion any time soon, you may wish to take a look at the list of location-activity suggestions below. If you like any of the ideas here, feel free to peruse the Web for deals and accessories for these family reunion locations and activities. TRIP * Camping A good camping trip at a good campsite can be an adventurous trip that can result in quick family re-bonding. If you purchase a camping package, ask if you can get a group discount. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better price. Camping should typically be one of the least expensive types of family reunion. * Cruising Taking a cruise with the whole family on a luxury cruise ship can be an exciting experience. It is also an opportunity to put everyone in the family on neutral ground so that no one feels too out of place or un.fortable. As with camping, you can usually get a good deal on cruise packages if you ask for a group discount. Check with several travel agents and have them .e up with the best price and vacation cruise package for your family reunion. RESORT * Hotels A hotel is a place for the entire family to be in a neutral, but luxurious location. You can indulge in leisurely activities within the hotel such as swimming, card games and board games. If you want a real family experience, book a large suite or two to put all of the family members in one place. * Beaches If your family likes swimming or sunshine, beach resorts make for an excellent place for a relaxing family reunion. You can stop by the grocery store and make it a picnic for extra enjoyment. Some beaches allow you to have a campfire where you can roast marshmallows or hot dogs in the evening. California and Florida provide some of the best beach resort venues. RECREATION * Snow Skiing If you are a member of an athletic or adventurous family, ski resorts can make for an excellent family reunion venue. Skiing is fun for all generations, as those too old to ski can play in the snow and talk while the younger ones go up and down the mountains all day. Don’t forget to bring hot cocoa! * Recreational Sports A recreational sports facility can be a great place to hold a family reunion for a family whose members are into sports. Tennis, table tennis, handball, racquetball, softball, and even flag football can make for a fun family experience. Even a bowling alley can be a fun place for the whole family. If your family is not quite so active, though, consider playing billiards or shuffleboard. * Theme Parks Theme parks have be.e prominent in most metropolitan areas around the world. Theme parks typically offer something for everybody. If you want a family reunion that’s fun and entertaining for everyone, consider holding it in a theme park. There are rides for youngsters, roller coasters for preteens and teens, and museums, exhibits and souvenir shopping for adults. DINING * Picnic A classic family reunion activity is the picnic. Picnics are an opportunity to go out to a natural location and have nothing to do but dine and talk while the kids run and play. * Fine Restaurants The easiest way to have an elegant family gathering is to let someone else do all the work of pleasing your guests. No, not another family member, but the staff of a nice restaurant. There is nothing like good food to please people and make conversations relaxing and pleasant. Buffets are also good, as you tend to be able to linger and snack longer while prolonging conversations in these establishments. HOME SWEET HOME * Your Home If nothing else seems to fit, why not just have the family reunion at your home? While this option may involve more work for you as the host, you have total control over the program. You can do a potluck in the garden, cook a feast, assign the food every member should bring and play group games. You can even have a themed reunion if you wish. 相关的主题文章: