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Software It can be an overwhelming experience for a customer pitching out to identify the best partner in outsourcing for the first time. A proper procedure needs to be established by the customer, which will help in identifying and working the software vendor. Fomax Information Technologies believes in honesty, clarity, and hard work to maintain a good relationship. Here goes a few important things to be considered in identifying partner in offshore software development. Management Team Before investing in a .pany, it is quite important to look at the team, managing the .pany. Evaluating management’s credentials is very essential, at both technology and cultural level. Also, the teams past experience in overseas does matter a lot i.e., highly preferable. .munication To maintain a good relationship, .munication is one among the factors to be considered in any discipline and it is the same with an offshore software development partner too. Though a vendor is strong at technical, but if it fails in understanding clients/customers requirements, it is likely to loose services/project from hands. Above all, time zones and cultural holds other challenges. Quick decision making in Business and Technically Evaluation of business ethics and technical skills by a customer is also important. As persistence of these skills helps an offshore partner to translate business requirements and implement successful critical factors. A mix of these two skills helps a customer in managing the project remotely. Customer Engagement Framework Evaluating the practices and processes used by an offshore software development .pany in engaging with a customer, is very critical. Unclear customer engagement processes is the first sign of risk. One may show finger at you saying you don’t need such processes, if the project is small. Fomax believes in a clear customer engagement framework which can always adapt the framework as per the project requirements. Customer References References from past worked customers help in evaluating where the offshore partner stands. Why Choose Fomax? – fomax has been into business of providing outsourcing solutions from past 5 years for clients across globe – fomax is run by a team of smart people with exposure to global market – Providing offshore development services for platforms such as Microsoft, Open Source – Fomax has worked with more than 250 clients in US, India, Germany, Australia About the Author: 相关的主题文章: