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How To Be Food Safe, The Natural Way Posted By: Anshu PanDe Some ten to fifteen years earlier you would find food being served in pattals and dona, which is nothing but plates and bowls made with sal or banyan leaves. This was how any public function would be solemnized, be it a wedding, festivity at a temple or even a roadside hawker. There was little littering and there was no problem of non-biodegradable waste as everything would become part of the earth. In many cultures of the world food is cooked and served on a leaf. Sometimes the leaf is to be devoured with the dish and sometimes not. Why go far, in Southern India dosa is traditionally served on a banana leaf which is hygienic, flexible and waterproof way of serving your food. This banana leaf is also used in cooking. The food is wrapped with banana leaf and steamed to perfection. The leaf imparts a subtle sweet flavour to the dish, lends an overwhelming aroma and acts as a platter for serving. Not just south India, the culture of using banana leaf is widely popular in many other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, China Vietnam.

How to keep food Safe and Hygenic What Goes With Custom Take Away Containers Posted By: Anshu PanDe Restaurants and food serving joints have to use every probable step to promote their business. It is done either through brochures or pamphlets in the newspaper, TV commercials or through word of mouth advertisements. The social media have helped them in promoting their business online and with the services like take away or home deliveries; they have more options to promote through take away packaging. There is a lot that is done with the takeaway packaging may it be a logo on the package, a printed tissue, an eco-friendly packaging or a simple menu card. No matter whatever what medium is chosen by the businesses, the moment they step out of the doors, they carry out a lot for the business. Let us see in details how these things helps in building a brand and promoting the business. Logos: A logo is a powerful tool to create an impact on the minds of the people. A custom-made packaging with the company speaks louder and makes the company instantly identifiable anywhere in the crowd.

Brochures or pamphlets Four Ways To Keep Your Food Safe? Posted By: Anshu PanDe

Food Poisoning Is Aluminium Foil Safe To Use? Posted By: Anshu PanDe It just seems like yesterday when I was a little girl and my mom would pack a parantha in a tea towel and send it with me to my school for lunch. I loved the way the lunch was packed which never spilled a drop of oil and never messed my school bag. The years saw a new trend approaching. The tea towels were replaced by Aluminium Foil, as it was believed to keep the food warm,fresh and avert any spillage.Of course we as a kid loved it, not that it mattered to us but we could crush the aluminum foil into a ball after finishing our lunch and play recklessly in the break. Unfortunately playing with it was the only legitimate and safe use of Aluminium foil. Now when I look back I realise how limited was our knowledge. We were unaware as to how unsafe it is to wrap the food with aluminium foil specially when it is hot. A study showed that increasing level of aluminium in our food and life leads of brain and bone damage.

Teatowel What Is Better For Wrapping Food: Aluminium Foil, Cling Film Or Food Wrapping Paper? Posted By: Anshu PanDe

Food wrapping paper Why Branding Is Indispensable Posted By: Anshu PanDe

Importance of branding Plastics For Packaging Industry Posted By: Chiew Yong Formed in 1993, the company Pacific Trading is spread over 40,000 square feet site and has distribution network of approximately 20 Lorries. It is one of the leading wholesale and Retail Company in Singapore. The company has made its name in offering quality and diverse range of food packaging products. The company has made name in many neighboring shores including countries Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The company has its own R AND D team which looks after improving the area of technology. Apart from taking it as a business commitment, the company also takes care of the conservation of natural environment by developing environment friendly products. The company makes the recycled plastics. It has wide range of clear plastic containers and wholesale plastic bottles. They are versatile as well as durable in nature. These are used widely in hotels and offices and are purchased in bulk quantities. Plastic bowls and other storing disposable food containers are available with lids and one can get in various sizes and patterns. There are numerous disposable product choices in paper, plastic bowls and foam. They can be used as utensils in parties and functions.

wholesale plastic bottles Meet My Cleaning Lady Posted By: Jo Harris When my husband passed away in 1982, my next door neighbour said to me "Get yourself a cleaning lady." It was then that I was introduced to Janice who comes to my home once a month to clean. I look forward to her visit. When she comes, we chat for about ten minutes before she begins her chores, catching up on each other’s news about our families. Janice even has a key to my house for those days when I am not at home. I trust her that much. My friends laugh when I say "I have to clean today. My cleaning lady is coming tomorrow." It is necessary, however, to put things in order so that she can breeze right through. I have a townhouse and live alone since my three grown children have their own places. I am sure my house is easier to clean than Janice’s other clients. Cleaning ladies have a code. They purposely move knick-knacks or vases an inch or two to the right or left to indicate that they have dusted that piece of furniture. Janice and I have never discussed this;

finding a cleaning lady Functional Film -the General Trend Of Soft Pack Industry Posted By: Frbiz Plastic film is a production of plastic products in the largest category, variety, in the agricultural, industrial and construction and other fields a wide range of applications. At present, China plastic film production accounts for about 20% of the total output of plastic products, plastic products faster output growth in one of the categories. China’s plastic packaging after 20 years of development, has formed a certain scale, in the packaging market occupies an important position. In 1980 only 191,000 tons annual output value of 3.0 billion in 2002 annual output reached 4.01 million tons, the output value, up to 680 billion yuan, accounting for 250 billion yuan output value of packaging industry in the 27%. As the industry continuously improve the level of equipment, plastic packaging film of the growing trend towards the development of functional, high performance, high-tech plastic packaging film is becoming a pillar industry of many enterprises and research and development goals.

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