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Marketing Often, we pay less attention to small things but they play important roles. For instance, in business we are really careful about packaging, but hardly pay attention to the packaging tapes. The packaging tapes are really important in business for reliable packaging and avoiding damages. Durable, reliable and high quality tapes can assure you security of your products. When it comes to reliability of the packaging tapes, Tesa tapes deliver high-quality packaging solution for almost all kind of packaging. The superb performance of Tesa tapes can reduce damage of product and increase your profit. There are different kinds of Tesa tapes available for multitasking purpose. Tesa Fastening Tapes With Tesa fastening tapes you can get cost-effective and reliable solution for numerous market specific packaging applications. These tapes are perfect solution for permanent bonding, platemounting, temporary fastening and splicing. The permanent bonding tapes offer high shear superior bond with age resistance properties. They can work on difficult surfaces. Platemounting tapes ensure improved handling and demounting along with residue-free removal and high quality print results. Splicing tapes offer quality performance in splice applications. They are also perfect solutions in high temperature conditions and difficult surfaces. All these kinds of Tessa fastening tapes have verities of options in business packaging. Tesa Masking Tapes Teas masking tapes have been developed with modern research techniques, development and testing procedures for enhanced performance in packaging. The tapes are developed with the patented product formulations and technologies developed by Tesa and are designed to offer value-added packaging solutions. The widespread applications of the tapes are ubiquitous industries such as metal finishing, furniture manufacturing and transport industry. The general purpose grade tapes are the kind of Tesa masking tapes that boasts excellent adhesive power under difficult humidity and temperature conditions. The fine line tapes are residue-free tapes that offers extra-sharp paint lines and comfort. However, you can also find high quality temperature resistant tapes that are perfect for exceptional holding, superior cornering and clean removal even in high temperature. Tesa Packaging Tapes The wide range of teas packaging tapes includes general purpose packaging tapes to high-performance products. Its varied array of applications also includes carton sealing, opening, bundling, palletizing and surface protection. There are various kinds of Tesa packaging tapes. TTP tapes or Tensilized polypropylene tapes offer strong bundling and packaging applications. With tear tape you can get options such as tensiles, thickens and core. It also ensures consistent and reliable openings of envelopes and cardboard boxes. Carton sealing tapes are effective for paper based products and offer better printability on selected surfaces. Filament tapes are ideal for multitude of demanding applications. Tesa Auxiliary Tapes Apart from the different varieties of Tesa tapes you can also get supplementary products from Tesa tapes. Duct tapes are cloth/polyethylene products available for varieties of applications. Specialty tapes include products such as paper bandoliering tapes, cellophane tapes and Printers friend. Printers friend is an innovative product that provides wrinkle-free transport of substrates. Teas tape is a complete packaging solution that helps you improve your packaging line and increase your profit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: