Funny bird biography in Beijing to build the most spend the Mid Autumn Festival Carnival (video) dxperience

"Funny bird biography" in Beijing to build the most spend the Mid Autumn Festival Carnival "funny bird biography" behind the scenes Tencent entertainment news on September 23rd in the national release of the comedy adventure animation Carnival "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure everywhere", on the 17 day during the mid autumn festival held a joyous Carnival theme activities open up a fresh outlook in Beijing. And held a special point in the afternoon, harvest praise. "Funny bird biography" adorable baby adorable pet mid autumn festival activities reflecting both won the praise of the 17 day China coincided with the traditional festival – Mid Autumn Festival holiday the last day, "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure everywhere" held a special happy carnival, let the film characters together with the audience happy mid autumn, diverse game scene the set also successfully attracted many families and young people to participate in. On that day, all the lovely role in the film, or stay foolish or adorable adorable appearance, these figures look very interesting, action naive, appeared detonated in the children’s screams, young men and women who have approached the scene for interactive seeking photo, the atmosphere is very warm. Special afternoon with pictures and hilarious stories reflect exquisite interesting plot, the audience’s praise of success. The mood of the audience with a "send treasure commando" adventure movie continuous ups and downs, full of laughter. Strong team behind escort in September to create the most hilarious animated film "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure" flying by once directed "neighbor wars" and "forgetting Sara · Marshall" famous comedy director Nicholas · Stuller and "magician and rabbit" provided Oscar best short animation director Doug Eastwood together Rand · directed. The film is also the Warner movie animation studio following the "Le tall movies" after the launch of the second animated feature film masterpiece, the classic fable "Songzi stork" to new forms of animation on screen. Not only has a strong Hollywood as "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure" flying escort, the voice cast is also very eye-catching. It is reported that English voiced by Jack in "God played detective" in trouble Andy · Samuboge, and "Friends" as autumn · Jennifer · Aniston as Green. While Chinese dubbing version is invited to create "crazy animal city" dubbing team effort. Have strong team production and dubbing for the film a lot of extra points, also let the audience look forward to the final "smile" fruit. "Funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure tells the excellent stork courier Junior promotion soon, but accidentally created adorable treasure disrupted plans. In order not to let the boss found mistakes in his work, Junior and the stork hill only human girl Xiao Yu formed the most impossible in the history of the express combination "send treasure commando", a bird started a crazy adventure express baby. As of September only a Hollywood animated film, "funny bird flying" Gaiden: Adorable treasure has been officially file in September 23rd by 3D, IMAX and 3D China IMAX format in Chinese released in mainland. (Tencent news app movie channel)相关的主题文章: