Fuzhou 8 years old night on the streets of a man will open a luxury car to pick him up — the jinshen

Fuzhou 8 years old night on the streets of   a man will open a luxury car to pick him up — the Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Fuzhou 8 year old cold street, a man will open a luxury car to pick him up         these days, Fuzhou has felt the breath of winter. At night, the more cold. Recently, there are users in the micro-blog Post said, in such a cold day, but for an old man every night in Mongolia Gulou District of Fuzhou city is a Fasthotel in the bus station, near the edge of the corridor, watching the people very distressed and anxious: we Fuzhou is a warm city! Although the recent cold temperatures between people are can convey a warmth! Come! Feel like:? @ Fuzhou around the issue of the old man’s micro-blog, causing a lot of attention of users, we have to ask, what happened to the old man? Why is he a cold night on the streets? To his family? Photos taken from friends can be seen, the old man sitting alone in the corridor, the ground is covered with a thin quilt. Some netizens on micro-blog said that the old man wearing very clean there should be a family; also the netizen said the 80 year old, sane, no relatives of children homeless…… situation. The old man cited concern of many users, we have to help the elderly: @ A -OL: "Allah dream Fuzhou Wuyi Road Mongolia camp has a nearly 80 year old the elderly man in the street near Super 8 Hotel, sleep for a long time. The old man was clear, clear thinking. No relatives and children, but also homeless, daily by picking up some junk. Quilts, clothing, money and other things are often stolen. The weather is getting cold, young people can not stand, the old Lu Su street, no shelter, how to live. Seeking to help spread the big V to see if there is no place to accommodate the elderly in Fuzhou! Thank you "@lyqmoki:" my old night away, tonight has been placed in the hotel, let him sleep a bath, no home for decades, after want to be able to help him into the old asylum or to give the elderly a small house live well intentioned people can contact me, I still will help him in the economic aspects! To help the old man settle a home!" M @ super particle, the elderly people in Changle, private prosecution of his wife’s death, his son died lost decades abroad, house fire, relatives than him, many passers-by to help the contacted television, contacted the Civil Affairs Department, such as nursing homes, no fruit. The old man seems to be a love of clean, hope he can retire, but not on the streets. This morning, our reporter came to the site of the old man said the night, but the scene did not see the old man. A sanitation worker told reporters, the old man to the general night sleep, the morning did not know where he went, and last night, the old man did not stay here. Where did the old man go? Does he have any misfortune? The reporter asked the hotel staff, a hotel staff told reporters, listen to old相关的主题文章: