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UnCategorized Do you have your eyes open for great tools that introduce and build reading skills? An organized, hands-on, and systematic reading program might be something you are looking for? Finding the right materials to teach kids is important. Learners should experience success. That’s why an organized program that can be used to lay the foundation for school success is so irreplaceable. Do you need some help guiding a child who wants to read? Do you want to get early readers off to a good start? Looking for a little help and direction? Reading Rods might be your answer. Maybe your child is just ready to read three letter words, or needs help learning sight words? Perhaps you need a phonics program to teach long vowels and blends? Do you have a child who needs a hands-on spelling program? Whatever your needs, materials should be sensitive to what a child is ready to understand. You want to carefully select your materials to target specific skills that beginning readers need to master. You can get children started on reading with ease and enthusiasm. You just need to find the right approach. Consider Reading Rods as a tool for helping your child become a successful, confident and independent reader. Finding the program that is right for your learner is easy. Kits are available for the very beginning reader through the elementary grades, and they are constructed with the success of the learner in mind. If you don’t want to see a child believing that they can’t read, you have to consider their needs. With Reading Rods you can expect carefully selected content that aims to make kids feel good about their progress. You can also expect to see kids happy and ready to learn. The best part of the Reading Rods program is the happy, enthusiastic reader. The hands-on lessons, brightly colored illustrations, engaging stories and carefully selected vocabulary are features that make a child eager to see what’s on the next page. Parents are thrilled when their kids are excited to cuddle up with them and enjoy sharing a book together. Everyone feels encouraged when learning is fun and easy. You want to find a program that will give children a reason to look forward to reading time. They should step into reading with confidence because they have learned to expect success. Once you have a child who enjoys books, and has the skills they need to read well, you have an independent reader. These are kids that read because they like to. They enjoy turning to the next page when they could be watching television. You’ll find them checking out the entire library. Remember that these kids were once beginning readers who got a good start. Reading Rods can be the good start children need to become tomorrow’s independent readers. Help your child love books and provide them with what they need to read a good book on their own. Build a strong foundation for your child’s reading success today. Tomorrow they’ll open books with a smile. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: