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Guan Xiaotong grabbed clothes Jiang kifo grab dumbbells, star chop hand too hard for the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Article source: entertainment gossip sisters Amoy double eleven carnival, ma Dad also created a miracle, more than 10 billion minutes turnover of 6 minutes. In this group of people who are crazy to buy, the star is a special group can not be ignored. Sometimes think about it, the courier is probably one of the stars of the Chinese see more groups. Li Yapeng with Faye Wong before the divorce, had lamented, residential cleaning aunt once thought they open a company, because Faye Wong Chiai online shopping, home shopping piled up. In the eleven pairs of the evening performances of Jia Nailiang, the family also has a bit of online shopping – – Li Xiaolu. Home parcels piled up, and Jia Nailiang to do is to put his wife shopping cart to buy all the treasure. Back to this year eleven, Guan Xiaotong early in the day, they store full of shopping cart. Since entering the school, Guan Xiaotong every move, on a hot search. She wore a dress, a little good-looking, you can immediately find the same paragraph on Taobao, and the unified slogan is Guan Xiaotong. The frame than the previous Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi the same paragraph, to sell more. This flow floret charm ah. Jiang Jinfu, from last year and Zhong Hanliang, they join me to go to school, you can feel that he is an individual can be extraordinary sports boy. This year, Hunan TV [micro-blog] the "real man", in the face of Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, Huang Zitao and other counterparts, Jiang Jinfu showed a remarkable physical record breaking, sit ups. He usually does not work hard. Look at his shopping cart in the baby will know, dumbbell ah, what, are all necessary for sports. In fact, what really shocked us was Zhang Ziyi. Since married Wang Feng, gave birth to her daughter Zhang Ziyi after wake up, it is covered in exudes a wife, mother of the aura, she will be in Wang Feng speech before texting blame him, how do you wear this pair of pants, the belt line. She will also appear to encourage Wang Feng in the "Chinese new song" team of students. So, more and more different from your imagination, Zhang Ziyi, make the following online shopping behavior, want to come, nothing strange. Zhang Ziyi’s online shopping list, in addition to our ordinary people will buy the drug classification kits and other useful items, there are discount tickets. The international star cinema, not a party or other friends please star restaurant? Actually to go to a treasure to catch up with the discount season to buy discount tickets, can only say that Wang Feng, your wife will live too. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: