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Guo Feng will reproduce Zhang Xizhe made a penalty stunt renewal agreed [] information security 1-2 Luneng Pelle Monty Atilio broke Yu Dabao scoring can be the main parties in the game last night, fierce fighting. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang photo on the side walk the edge of the relegation zone, while there are competing for AFC Champions League qualification hopes, who can lose a war jinglu. However, the national security in the body is more than one person home court, under the condition that the loss of the Bureau, eventually to "fellow sufferers" precious echelon three points. Brave game Wang Dalei saved a penalty in season second war came to the home court in Jinglu Guoan at the beginning of the season, two Super League veteran despots were bogged down in the relegation zone, now nearing the end of this season, "fellow sufferers in national security because of the recent state Huiyong, even to see the impact of next year AFC Champions League hopes, but Luneng still walk on the edge of the relegation zone. Obviously, Luneng showed in this game desire more intense. The first is Pele made the first goal, then Wang Dalei and Yilmaz saved himself and the penalty. Although Yu Dabao equalised in the second half, but won a penalty kick Luneng, Montillo will score more than once again, finally from the national security body took the key way to avoid relegation three points. "Luneng players are doing their best, this is a highly dramatic game, the atmosphere is also very warm, this sentiment is also infected with the players. Especially to mention the Paley, could see him in the backcourt, midfielder, front, it can be said that he was everywhere, he tried with all their strength. Our goalkeeper is doing well, helping us win." After Luneng coach Felix Magath said. Have to say, Wang Dalei yesterday’s performance is very brave, not only the Yilmaz penalty out the door, also repeatedly blocked Yilmaz, Augusto and Yu Dabao took turns kuanggong, become the largest contributor to Luneng three points. After the game, the media mentioned, Wang Dalei repeatedly contributed to the performance of God, but did not select the top 12 teams in the national team, which Magath said: this problem should not be my evaluation, I have nothing to evaluate. The coach of the national team has their own criteria, there are a lot of goalkeepers in China are very good, I believe the next few games if Wang Dalei is so good, the next time he will see his name on the national team list." The core of the reproduction of "making imatinib stunts." although the game Yilmaz Wang Dalei’s penalty was saved, but it did not hide his penalty in skill. From the twenty-second round against Chongqing Guoan home court Doyle maz broken ball shortage after four consecutive rounds, he scored five goals. Three of the five goals were penalties, and Yilmaz made it all by himself. After the intermission of the three home games, Yilmaz made two penalties. The battle to twenty-fifth minutes, Yilmaz in the left side of the formation of the formation of the Luneng escape, and in the fall of Li Songyi (data) contact with the body, the referee decided to produce a penalty and yellow card. In fact, in seventh minutes, Yilmaz and Li Songyi have been in the area of the confrontation, Li Songyi Yilmaz was intercepted in the penalty area when the ball was suddenly fell to the ground, and motioned Li Songyi IL maz excitedly handball, but the referee Lin Jun ignored. This time, Yi Nan.相关的主题文章: