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Hangzhou aunt pet goose walk street urban management: Goose and pig can not keep walking pet goose aunt Hangzhou street we are on the way, people can often be seen walking the dog, there are people liuniao have you seen people walking, but the big white goose? Recently, Xihu District Urban Management Bureau Lingyin squadron members in the inspections, disposal of the goose breeding together in the city without. Walking in the street from Aunt goose said it as a pet for several years Xu Jinxia was a member of the 8 squadron Lingyin area, point in the evening, she and three other colleagues patrolling near the Ancient Jade Road, to maintain order. Go to the nearby ancient jade road and Xixi Road intersection, on the sidewalk a more than and 10 pound big white goose has aroused the attention of the big white goose who is very clean, a pink duck, a swing and a 60 year old aunt behind, lovely appearance for people passing into have to watch. But the big white goose seems to see this scene, just go, neither cry nor. Whose is this goose?" Inspectors came forward to ask, and the others are chatting in front of the aunt quickly ran over, claiming that she is the owner of the goose. Aunt told the inspectors, she lived in the neighborhood near the intersection, after dinner with a goose out for a walk. "Aunt said, the goose is not geese, but pets, she heard that the goose can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and bought a newly hatched goslings, raising up to now has been for several years." Xu Jinxia said. "It’s a part of our family. I want to take it out." This is the aunt to the inspectors in the big white goose. However, when the inspectors told the aunt, according to the relevant provisions of the Hangzhou urban areas do not allow geese, aunt some anxious to say: I am on the age, do not know these provisions. Dog and cat bite, but my goose is not barking, also talk about health. Upstairs downstairs neighbors often tease it to play, we all like it." Goose and pig, poultry and livestock are not feeding the inspectors patiently to aunt made relevant laws and regulations of the interpretation in the urban areas, "she told the Hangzhou city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations" article fifty-third, the implementation of city management to urban areas within the scope of prohibition and raise chickens, geese, rabbit, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses and other livestock and poultry and edible pigeon. Know what I did in violation of the law, although this only has aunt reluctant to raise the feelings of the goose, but still promised a goose to go home. These days, and the squadron Lingyin to Aunt home for a visit, found that white goose has been off. Today, more and more people, began to raise a variety of alternative pets, but we meet personal interests at the same time, also need to pay attention to whether the pet is allowed by laws and regulations. For example, small pigs are a lot of people like pets, but also small pig rearing is banned in Hangzhou city. Last fall, Lingyin squadrons in Hangzhou botanical garden visitors carry illegal small pig disposal event. "Although the general small pigs as pets, but in accordance with the" Regulations "of Hangzhou city appearance and environmental sanitation management, small pig and pig.相关的主题文章: