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Hebei and south of Holland province held the work of the government talks – Hebei Channel – people.com.cn original title: Province and southern Holland province government held a working meeting on September 29th morning, Hebei province and Holland province of South Holland held talks in Shijiazhuang city government. Smit, governor of southern Holland Province, led by the delegation and the relevant departments of Hebei province attended the meeting, vice governor Wang Xiaodong. Wang Xiaodong said that since 2007, Hebei and South Holland province since the conclusion of friendly relations, in the field of economy and trade, water conservancy, environmental protection, education, agriculture and other fields have carried out fruitful cooperation. In May this year, the two provinces signed a memorandum of cooperation in Hebei province and the southern province of 2016-2020, plans for the next 5 years of cooperation blueprint. It is recommended that the two sides from the specific issues in the future, the formation of a special docking group, deepen exchanges and cooperation, promote the project landed, and constantly consolidate and develop the friendly relations between the two provinces. In particular, next year is the two anniversary of the establishment of friendly relations between the 10 provinces, I hope the two sides ahead of planning, CO organized activities such as the activities of the week celebration. Schmidt Wang Xiaodong fully endorsed the recommendations, said that the recommendations can make the cooperation more realistic and fruitful. I hope the next two provinces in water pollution control, soil remediation, facilities, agriculture and other aspects of a more in-depth cooperation. At the same time, welcome to the relevant departments and enterprises in Hebei Province, as well as relevant experts to visit Holland. After the talks, the two sides held in southern Holland province Chinese website version of the opening ceremony and the signing ceremony of cooperation projects, Huanghua Hong Kong and Europe (Rotterdam and other seaports) direct route opened, Cangzhou and Bohai new project tranme investment to build a navigable Industrial Park project was formally signed. (reporter Duan Liqian) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)相关的主题文章: