Hilary’s secret mail wants to reconcile the Diaoyu Islands between China and Japan-pigeon blood

Hilary: the United States had to mail through confidential reconcile the Diaoyu Islands opposite the original title: Hilary said the United States had to mail the Diaoyu Islands secret harmonic Sino Japanese confrontation [global times in the United States, Japan special correspondent Wang Ninglan song] U.S. State Department on the 13 local time, announced the 551 letter of Hilary as secretary of state during the e-mail, mail display, Japan in 2012 the government will Diaoyu Islands "nationalization" leads to the deterioration of Sino Japanese relations on the occasion, when the U.S. Assistant Secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Campbell believes that the existence of "great risk", suggested that the U.S. special envoy is dispatched by former government officials and other components of the delegation to visit Japan and China, to quell the opposition between the two countries. According to the "New York Times" 14 reports, because Hilary involved in using private e-mail to deal with public affairs, the U.S. federal court asked the State Council to publish its mail content. The public more than 500 letters, 84 letters "secret documents". Japanese news network reported that 14 in Japan over the Diaoyu Islands "nationalization" after about 3 weeks in October 2, 2012, Campbell to "Japan · Chinese title, Secretary of state Hilary to send a message mentioned previously held in the US, the United States foreign ministers, and said:" if the friction will bring long-term. The harm to the region’s stability, but also lead to China and Japan’s attitude tends to be strong." Japan’s Kyodo news agency said that Campbell believed that we must find "no face breaking way to break the deadlock", proposed in the two weeks sent to China and Japan by the former high-ranking officials composed of cross party special envoy group. As for the special envoy group, Campbell advocated that the United States should avoid excessive participation as a "middleman", but it also shows that it has the benefit of showing "positive efforts" by the United states. Japan News Network said, Campbell urged Hilary in the mail: "it is necessary to make a quick decision, speed is indispensable."." 6 minutes after Campbell sent e-mail, Hilary replied, "we should push this."". Japan News Network said, Campbell wrote in the mail can go to China and Japan lobbying list of candidates, but the State Council published the mail when it was corrected. Kyodo News commented that the mail confirmed that the United States believes that the presence of Sino Japanese opposition escalation may lead to unexpected events, which has a strong sense of crisis. In the late October of the same year, Armitage, former deputy secretary of state of Japan and former assistant secretary of defense Joseph ·, made an informal visit to Japan, and held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Noda Kahiko at the time of Li Keqiang, vice premier of the State Council of china. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

希拉里邮件透机密:美曾欲调和中日钓鱼岛对立   原标题:希拉里邮件透露钓鱼岛机密 美曾欲调和中日对立   【环球时报驻美国、日本特约记者 王宁 蓝雅歌】美国国务院于当地时间13日公布了551封希拉里任国务卿期间的电子邮件,有邮件显示,2012年日本政府将钓鱼岛“国有化”导致日中关系恶化之际,当时美国负责亚太事务的助理国务卿坎贝尔认为这存在“极大风险”,建议美国派遣由前政府高官等组成的特使团访问日本和中国,以平息两国的对立。   据美国《纽约时报》14日报道,因希拉里卷入用私人电邮处理公务事件,美国联邦法院要求国务院陆续公布其邮件内容。此次公开的500多封邮件中,有84封是“密级文件”。   日本新闻网14日报道称,在日本将钓鱼岛“国有化”约3周后的2012年10月2日,坎贝尔以“日本·中国”为题,向国务卿希拉里发送了一封邮件,提及了此前举行的日美、美中外长会谈,并称:“摩擦如果长期化,必将对地区的安定带来危害,同时也会导致中国和日本的态度趋于强势。”日本共同社称,坎贝尔认为,必须找到“不伤面子的打破僵局的办法”,提议在两周内向中日派遣由前高官等组成的跨党派特使团。关于派遣特使团一事,坎贝尔主张美作为“中间人”应避免过多参与其中,但也表示,此事具有显示美方“积极努力”的益处。日本新闻网称,坎贝尔在邮件中敦促希拉里:“有必要迅速做出决定,速度是不可缺少的。”坎贝尔发出邮件6分钟后,希拉里回复说,“应当推进此事”。日本新闻网称,坎贝尔在邮件中写了可以前往中日两国进行游说的候选人名单,但是国务院在公布这一邮件时做了涂改。   共同社评论称,邮件证实,美方认为存在日中对立升级导致不测事态的可能,对此抱有强烈的危机感。同年10月下旬,知日派前副国务卿阿米蒂奇与前助理国防部长约瑟夫·奈对日中进行非正式访问,与当时的日本首相野田佳彦及时任中国国务院副总理的李克强等人举行了会谈。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: