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How to choose food? Diet three steps – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: how to choose a diet to lose weight? Diet three steps every day to stay in the office of white-collar workers how to lose weight? Busy work and life often make white-collar workers have no spare time to lose weight, it is better to try to lose weight through diet. Here, for those who want to lose weight white-collar friends to introduce what to eat to lose weight, do not miss. White collar weight loss diet principles of wisdom to choose the right food, healthy weight loss first step. First of all do a little hungry countermeasures according to the situation, emergency food, such as the proper dairy products, fruit, a small amount of nuts (such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, packed packet, a packet of about 10-15 a), ready to work overtime at night free boiled cereal (not one of those three), or a grain mill supermarket, and Soybean Milk, eat in the morning and afternoon and evening meals, work overtime, don’t feel very hungry to eat, for example, 10 o’clock in the morning, afternoon 3:30, 10 evenings around. The reason for this arrangement of the day’s diet, because it can suppress our appetite, and not in a certain period of time overeating. In addition, it can also form a good habit of eating slowly, but also for us to make some healthy dishes to make enough time. Easily quit snacks, easily get rid of the weight gradually reduce overtime in the habit of eating snacks, first choose some relatively trouble will not take up the mouth to eat food, such as oranges, pomegranate, shelled nuts, and ready for a glass of water on the side, always keep the cup is in the water, ready to to wash apples with their skins. The purpose of this is to try to make us less time to eat some unnecessary snacks, so as to give up the bad habit of eating snacks. Many white-collar workers after a long period of exercise, you will feel their abdomen in a little bit smaller, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss. The first step: step down weight loss goals. Before choosing or formulated diet, we must first determine whether you need to lose weight, what is the goal of losing weight, and weight loss after should be within the normal weight of the human body, this is the formula: ÷ weight (kg); height (m) of the square, was out of the index in 18.5-23.9 between the normal. In a 1.6 meter high, he (she) should be between normal weight 48-61 kg. Set weight loss goals. The second step: total intake control. Regardless of how to set up a meal, you should remember that 800 thousand calories is a person’s daily intake of energy lower limit, if the amount of food consumed within a day does not exceed the total number of calories, there will be danger. 800 thousand card is the lower limit of the human body requirements, safe weight loss should be a little higher than the bottom line of the day’s intake is high: in general, women should eat a day 1000-1500 kcal, men should be 1500-1800 kcal. The third step: calculate the proportion of eating. Choose the food you want to say相关的主题文章: