Hundreds of car damage claims thirty thousand Ji’nan wine driver to report the driver-cashmere mafia

Hundreds of car damage claims thirty thousand Ji’nan wine wine drivers report driver – Beijing in roadside parking by the driver of a high scratch, then found the other drunk driving, the party should pay 30 thousand yuan, the two sides fail high alarm. Police found two car drivers are drinking. Alarm people escape punishment call to a friend under the package, to see through the police. "I was parking on the roadside, the other driver drunk driving……" On August 3rd at 3:20 in the morning, Ji’nan City Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police on duty West outer ring received such a warning. The police rushed to the scene found that the accident is two cars, the car is yellow Honda fit, after the car is white zotye. Yellow car left and right side of the vehicle, there is a slight scratch. This accident is very simple, originally with scratch accident, car damage up to more than 500 yuan, a minor traffic accident, traffic police can handle without alarming. The flying car driver of a high mood is very excited, the police said that their car is stopped at the roadside, the other hit yourself, take full responsibility, and the other driver Tang drunk driving, should be subject to heavy penalties. Subsequently, the police will be two car and two car drivers will be withheld, back to the squadron for further investigation. According to legal procedures, both parties have to accept the driver’s blood alcohol detection. After testing, Tang’s blood alcohol content of up to 206mg 100ml, is a serious drunk driving. Alarm person a high test results show that the body’s blood alcohol content of 60mg 100ml, to achieve the driving standards. It is understood that 1 in the morning, a car parked on the roadside was after the car found each other to drink and drive, mouth to each other to pay 30 thousand yuan. And the other party think this number is too outrageous, requires less. Thus, in the dark night, the two sides repeated consultations for 2 hours, can not reach agreement. Later, the alarm a decisive alarm, completely forgot that he is drinking driving. So after more than half a month, the blood test results came out after the alarm, a high awareness of the consequences, he pretended not to drive, the driver is his friend zhao. The same day, Zhao rushed to the police team, insisted that he is a Honda fit car driver. However, after the traffic police inquiry found that Zhao is not familiar with the details of the accident, and look very flustered. After some inquiry, Zhao admitted that he is the top package for friends. The police later retrieved the surveillance video also showed a high fit car driver is. For the high Tang, the drunk driving behavior, the police given punishment according to law, the case is still under further processing.相关的主题文章: