Huxian section of Beijing Kunming high-speed bridge repair was completed in advance to restore acces

Jing Kun Expressway in Huxian was completed ahead of time to restore access to the bridge maintenance of Jing Kun Expressway in Huxian broken bridge maintenance completed ahead of schedule. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Liu Weifeng Shi Kaiqiang correspondent Zhang Jiacheng) September 5th, Beijing Kunming high-speed Xi’an to Han Middle Road because the facilities maintenance leads to two-way traffic jam. By the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps, Shaanxi Expressway Construction Group Co decided that from September 4th to 12 at about 12 on the end of September 30th, Xi’an traffic police on the Beijing Kunming high-speed west section of the traffic control. In the premise of ensuring the normal operation of highway traffic under the bridge was from K1135+934m, the construction unit of mutual cooperation, continuous construction at night all night, arrange manpower and material resources, send personnel stationed at the front line, on the box girder prefabrication, deck milling, bridge support, cutting, box girder, deck box girder hoisting road paving and other key aspects of comprehensive supervision, actively coordinate and solve on-site problems. The early morning of September 21st, the high speed K1135+934m (Xi’an direction) was opening of the bridge pavement construction. Into the paver, road roller, transport vehicles, a total of 60 units, staff of more than and 60 people, the scene of the accident of bridge pavement, pavement area of 40 meters, 10 meters wide, about 400 square meters. In September 22nd, the experts tested, paving the deck pavement test pieces of strength, concrete strength to meet the use of standards. 9 this morning, maintenance of equipment and personnel to evacuate, Jing Kun Expressway in Huxian returned to normal traffic, truck lifting limit order. Note: video only for extended reading. Shandong truck smashed the pavement of Xi’an-Hanzhong highway steel slide will replace the damaged bridge相关的主题文章: