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Others leisure I strain   fire station supervisor is most worried about passengers secretly smoke – Beijing Channel – people.com.cn original title: people leisure I strained national small holiday near the end, but for the Beijing West Railway Station fire supervision department supervisor Yan Liang and his colleagues, taut by God is not lax. In order to ensure the travel safety of the passengers in the West Railway Station during the festival, stop the fire, their busy figure shuttle in the past home visit, go out to play in the past crowd, always keep alert. Small fire engine patrol uninterrupted, Yan Liang is a supervisor of the fire supervision department of Beijing West Railway Station. During the national day small holiday, he failed to visit relatives and travel with most people. But he was more nervous and serious when he visited the west railway station than the busy passing passengers. "Our work here is very special, the focus is not on how to deal with fire hazards, but how to guard against.". Once there is a problem, it may be a major accident caused by fire, the consequences will be very serious. So what we have to do is not to let the fire happen." Yan Liang’s daily work content is basically similar, regular inspection of the central control room of the integrated hall, grasp the associated sprinkler, smoke exhaust and other fire facilities, to ensure that the heart has several". Comprehensive investigation of each fire hazard point, especially during the National Day period, large flow of passengers, personnel concentration, intensive places, to focus on many times of investigation, compared to the usual more frequent. In the process of inspection and Yan Liang, the reporter also noted that the Beijing West Railway Station underground station hall red battery tiny two volume patrol car (see photo), the front can only take two guard members, rear passengers put fire extinguishers and brochure 6 stacks of. The patrol car seems unlikely, but can travel back and forth in the crowded hall station. 38 key supervision units, spot checks, spot checks is also one of the key work of fire inspectors. Yan Liang told reporters, there are 38 key monitoring units within the Beijing West Railway Station. "They are called" focus ", that is, once the fire occurs, it may cause serious casualties and property losses. Therefore, the fire fighting facilities and fire rating of these units are required to be relatively high. In order to be in case, in addition to receiving reports from the masses, we will also make a surprise check on these units." 20 patrol members take turns on duty patrol, in addition to investigating possible fire hazards, Yan Liang and colleagues have been trying to remind passengers to pay attention to their own behavior, playing posters on the screen, posters posted in the lobby, issuing brochures. "Do not harm the safety of public places because of personal uncivilized and temporary paralysis". The bucket next to the garbage bin is most afraid of the passengers smoking in the Beijing West Railway Station out of the hall, the reporter also found that each trash can have a simple "fire bucket", which contains half a bucket of water. Yan Liang said, "do not see this device is simple, the role is not small."." Originally, the difficulty of fire prevention work in Beijing West Railway Station is not the units and businesses of the District, but the passengers coming and going. Yan Liang recalled, in recent years, almost no fire accident occurred in West Railway Station, but because of) 别人休闲我紧张 西站消防监督员最担心旅客偷偷抽烟–北京频道–人民网 原标题:别人休闲我紧张   国庆小长假接近尾声,但对于北京西站消防监督处监督员闫亮和同事们来说,紧绷着的神经还没有松懈。为了确保节庆期间西客站旅客的出行安全,杜绝火情,他们忙碌的身影穿梭在回家探亲、出去游玩的过往人群中,时刻保持着警惕。   微型消防车   巡逻不间断   闫亮是北京西站消防监督处的一名监督员,国庆小长假期间,他没能和多数人一样访亲会友、出行旅游。但当巡走在西客站与熙熙攘攘的过往乘客相比时,他的神色更紧张和严肃。   “我们这里的工作很特殊,重点不在怎么处理解决火灾隐患,而是在于怎么防范。一旦发生问题,那可能就是会造成重大安全事故的火灾,后果会非常严重。所以我们要做的,就是怎么不让火情发生。”   闫亮的日常工作内容基本类似,定时巡查综合大厅中控室,掌握与之关联的喷淋、排烟等消防设施,保证“心里有数”。全面排查各个消防隐患点,尤其在国庆期间人流客流量大、人员集中、密集的地方,要重点多次的排查,相比平时要更加频繁。   在与闫亮巡查的过程中,记者还注意到,北京西站地下一层出站厅有两辆体积微小的红色电瓶巡逻车(见图),前排只能乘坐两名巡防队员,后排放了6个灭火器和几摞的旅客防火宣传册。巡逻车看似不大,却能在人流如织的站厅里来回往返。   38个重点监督单位   突击抽查   突击抽查也是消防监督员的重点工作之一。闫亮告诉记者,北京西站范围内有38个重点监督单位。“他们之所以被称之为‘重点’,就是一旦发生火情,就可能造成严重的人员伤亡以及财产损失。所以这些单位的消防设施和消防等级都要求比较高。为了以防万一,除了接到群众举报以外,我们也会对这些单位做突击检查。”   20名巡防队员轮流执勤巡逻,除了排查可能发生的火灾隐患,闫亮和同事们一直也在想办法提醒旅客注意自身的行为,在显示屏播放宣传片、大厅内张贴海报、发放宣传手册。“不要因为个人的不文明和一时麻痹,危害了公共场所的安全”。   垃圾桶旁放水桶   最怕旅客吸烟   在北京西站出站大厅内,记者还发现每个垃圾桶旁都有一个简易的“消防桶”,里面盛着半桶清水。闫亮说,“别看这设备简单,作用可不小。”   原来,北京西站防火工作的难点并不是辖区的各单位、各商家,而是来来往往的旅客。闫亮回忆,近些年西站几乎没有发生过火灾事故,但因为烟头没掐灭而引发“冒烟”情况却不少。   “虽然现在有了禁烟令,但实际上没能完全杜绝烟民的出现。而且火车站不同于其他地方,来来往往全国各地的人都有,很多人都不知道这里是‘禁烟’的。就算是知道,烟瘾来了偷偷摸摸抽一口,还没等烟头掐灭就扔进垃圾桶,这消防水就是用来浇灭烟头的。”一提起这个,闫亮不由得就发愁,“火车站人流这么密集,万一这烟头引起火灾,后果会很严重。就算处置及时没有引起明火,冒烟的情况一旦出现也很容易引起大家的恐慌。”   7天的长假,闫亮需要5天24小时在岗。家里两个孩子只能由爱人陪伴,说起不能像其他父亲一样趁假期带着孩子们出游,他显得略有失落,“但我们的任务就是让更多的人安心出行,这是工作,也已经是一种习惯”。   北京晨报现场新闻   记者 张静姝 文并摄 (责编:陈一诺、高星)相关的主题文章: