Indecent video network transmission of a vocational school police pursue acting

Indecent video network transmission of a vocational school police pursue acting in the night before, a so-called "Quanzhou a vocational school three boys and a girl in the classroom indecent video on the Internet spreading. Video footage shows, in a classroom, there are several people wearing uniforms. The photographer took the side of the film described, said the room to teach indecent things. Subsequently, there are a number of pictures spread, said the girls in the video under pressure to jump off, causing onlookers. Some netizens said the incident occurred in Quanzhou Institute of economics and trade, there are friends that occurred in Fujian economic and trade school. Yesterday morning, the reporter verified that the video site is located in Fujian economic and trade school. Zheng Naiji, President of the school, said the video shooting time for October of this year, the location is indeed the school teaching building, but the video content and network commentary is not in line with. After school survey, video in the classroom, there were two men and two women, one of the men and women to lead booing, but did not have further behavior. Network transfer girls were forced to jump off the scene caused onlookers, in fact, the name of the student night scene. After the incident, the school has an alarm to the police station north. Network transmission of video, three men and a woman in the classroom to do indecent things the day before yesterday around 10 o’clock, the net biography indecent video quickly spread. Reporters saw this 1 minutes and 33 seconds of video shooting time in the evening, the photographer shot from the opposite side of the classroom, the picture jitter blurred. Vaguely seen in the video three or four people wearing uniforms, gathered in the classroom. "Intimacy in the classroom, the typical ‘dog abuse’ ah!" "The classroom is not monitored?" The sound came from the video, saying a few men and women in the classroom to do indecent things". Last night, the video spread in micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends, once became a hot micro-blog search". Subsequently, a lot of users forwarded with text, said the video took place in Fujian economic and trade school, there are friends that the scene for the Quanzhou Institute of economics and trade. In addition, there are a number of users to teach a number of students gathered downstairs photos, said the girls in the video because of pressure, jumped off the dead caused onlookers. For a time, the circle of friends spread rumors. Field verification of male and female students were actually embrace practical joke yesterday morning, the reporter with the Quanzhou police personnel on-site verification, confirmed that the video was filmed at the Fujian economic and trade school, not a netizen message Quanzhou economic institute. Yesterday afternoon, the Fujian economic and trade school on the matter sent to reporters a replay of the event, the event description. According to reports, the incident in November 1st after 8:30 in the evening self-study students begin to split night, leaving the classroom, only a few students stay in the teaching building. In the meantime, teaching in a classroom on the third floor and found a suspected to love students, cause the teaching building opposite the guy in the dorm booing, and caused more people to join the crowd. This is a video of a boy before shooting himself to the web, with the so-called indecent gimmick, regard it as the scene evidence, students through the WeChat circle of friends and other ways were immediately spread rapidly, the school boarders a time There were many discussions. That evening at 9:30 to 9:50 is the school boarders fingerprint night named time, responsible for each floor of the fingerprint attendance teacher at this time with the fingerprint machine into the dormitory floors, the students lined up according to the fingerprint attendance. Nearly 5000 students live in school attendance.相关的主题文章: