Indoor air purification products pollution can not be ignored is still chaos diamondprox

Indoor air purification products pollution can not be ignored the chaos still shrouded in haze, and indoor decoration, indoor air pollution, many people in the use of air purifier. However, the day before the national quality inspection administration carried out the national supervision inspection of the air purifier, air purifier 20% unqualified. In the face of haze, formaldehyde and other indoor pollution, how should we choose air purification products? Indoor air pollution source complex "people’s life more than 80% spent in the indoor environment, indoor environmental pollution than the outdoor environment on people greater impact." Executive vice president of Beijing health education association director of the Capital Medical University cancer treatment center Xiuyi said. It is understood that the indoor pollution are mainly volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde, benzene; inorganic pollutants, such as ammonia, ozone, nitrogen oxides; inhalable particles, such as PM10, PM2.5; biological contaminants such as viruses and bacteria in the air or dust; radioactive contaminants, such as radon. Indoor pollutants are mainly derived from the outside, such as industrial waste gas and automobile exhaust under natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation, was transported to the interior. According to relevant statistics, public places in fog and haze, even if the doors and windows closed, indoor PM2.5 concentration is still very close to the outdoor haze. Indoor pollutants from decoration and decorative materials, such as furniture harmful substances release is mainly formaldehyde, which originates from wood-based panel adhesive. The glue, paint and paint used in the manufacture of furniture contain large amounts of benzene, toluene and xylene. Some dry is not complete, the process will be slow release. Cooking is also a important factor of indoor air pollution, the main pollutants are soot and combustion flue gas two; during the cooking process, due to thermal decomposition produces a large number of harmful substances, has determined that the compounds including aldehydes and ketones, hydrocarbons, fatty acids, alcohols, aromatic compounds, a total of 220 heterocyclic compounds. In addition, China’s urban residents with coal, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas as fuel, will be produced in the process of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrocarbons, incomplete oxidation of solid particles and burning the fuel. Tobacco smoke pollution is also a common indoor air pollution. The known tobacco smoke contains at least 3800 kinds of ingredients, which contain nicotine, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes and other harmful substances of hundreds of. Purifier market was in a state of blowout for a while, the haze once again swept over our country, coupled with a variety of other indoor air pollution, resulting in the original lukewarm air purifier sales blowout. From Xinyikang data show that this year China’s air purifier products retail volume and retail sales year-on-year achieved rapid growth in 19.3% and 23.6%. The day before, the reporter visited Chaoyang District a large supermarkets found that in order to facilitate the consumers to buy air purifier products, 3M, beauty and other brands are placed in a prominent position in the aisle. Business super sales staff told reporters that the mall sold small appliances, 80% air purifier. Because a lot of people to buy, often out of stock. Consumers Wu told reporters that now more and more haze days,.相关的主题文章: