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Internship graduates leave no full flash speech should be more rational "internship is not full left, go to work less than half a year for work, work flow batui……" Some job websites recently released "flash" survey data show that more than 30% of the graduating students resigned after two months, and the first year students in the first tier cities "flash words" accounted for over 50%. Among them, catering, entertainment, medicine, sales and other entry threshold low, heavy workload of the industry is "flash speech" disaster areas. Every year in the graduation season, millions of graduates in our country have stepped out of school. In the context of "the most difficult year of employment" in one year, "first employment, re employment" has become the creed of graduates looking for work. However, "a job" and "an ideal job" after all, there is a gap, not up to the expected salary, the job is too tired, interpersonal relationship is not good, do not feel the space of development, each one can become the new people in the workplace "yiyanbuge quit" reason. In my opinion, the graduates’ "flash words" have a deeper reason. One is the theory of knowledge in school and not on the job practice needs, easy to have the work frustration; the two is the modern young people grew up in a more tolerant and superior in the social environment of individual freedom, employment for life never worry, once the face of skinny reality alone, easy to produce a huge psychological gap three is to join their parents; as the backing, adds clout for their "flash.". Many people are tolerant of this phenomenon, and think that graduates try to find the ideal job more, which has some truth. The flow of talent is a normal social phenomenon, however, the flow of health should take place in the occupation development encounter ceiling, personal ability beyond jobs are unable to get better development space, rather than a difficulty goes. To understand an industry and a firm foothold, at least two to three years, no matter from the perspective of family support, life, or personal value and social value perspective, frequent flash speech is not a rational choice. 20160912 1432143.jpg from the career choice, "flash speech" to some extent also related to blind employment. Graduates should plan for their future career before they leave school, and take full consideration of their own strengths, fill in the short board, and avoid the embarrassing situation that one foot has stepped into the workplace and is still looking for a fixed position. From the accumulation of experience, repeated "flash" will lead to long-term graduates in the probation period, is not conducive to the accumulation of professional experience. When graduates enter the workplace, they are not adapted to the needs of a strong psychological endurance, efficient learning ability and hard-working character to cope with, run through the period of running in order to obtain rapid improvement of ability. From the personal professional credit, in recent years, some enterprises have "flash words" as one of the professional Dishonesty Behavior, frequent job hopping will have a negative impact on future employment. It is not wrong to have ideals, ideas, opinions, and pursuits in life. What is rare is how to realize it step by step. In the throes of entering the workplace, graduates.

实习期没满就离职 毕业生闪辞应多些理性   “实习期没满就离职,踏入职场不到半年就换工作,工作不顺拔腿就走……”一些招聘网站近期发布的职场“闪辞”调查数据显示,超过三成的应届生在 入职两个月后辞职,一线城市应届生“闪辞”占比超五成。其中,餐饮、文娱、医药、销售等入职门槛低、工作量大的行业是“闪辞”重灾区。   每年毕业季,我国都有数以百万计的毕业生踏出校门,在一年堪比一年的“最难就业年”舆论语境下,“先就业,再择业”成为毕业生们找工作的信条。 然而,“一份工作”与“一份理想的工作”毕竟还存在差距,薪水达不到预期、工作太累、人际关系处理不好、感觉没有发展空间等,每一条都能成为职场新人们 “一言不合就辞职”的理由。   在笔者看来,毕业生“闪辞”有着更深层次的原因。一是在校学习的理论知识跟不上工作岗位的实践需求,工作中容易产生挫折感;二是成长于更加宽容 和优越的社会环境中的现代年轻人,个性自由,就业之前从不为生活忧心,一旦独自面对骨感的现实,极易产生巨大的心理落差;三是将投靠父母作为后盾,为他们 “闪辞”增添了底气。   许多人对此现象持宽容态度,认为毕业生多尝试才能找到理想的工作,这话有一定的道理。人才流动是正常的社会现象,然而,健康的流动应发生在职业发展遭遇“天花板”,个人能力超出岗位需求又无法获得更好的发展空间时,而不是一遭遇困难就撂挑子。   要深入了解一个行业并站稳脚跟,至少需要两到三年的时间,不论是从安身立命、扶养家人的角度,还是体现个人价值、实现社会价值的角度,频繁“闪辞”都不是理性的选择。    201609 12 1432143.jpg   从职业选择上,“闪辞”一定程度上也和盲目就业有关。毕业生在踏出校门之前,就应对未来的职业生涯有所规划,并充分考虑自身所长,补齐短板,避免出现一只脚已经踏入职场却还在不断找定位的尴尬状况。   从经验积累上,反复“闪辞”将导致毕业生长期处于试用期,不利于职业经验的积累。毕业生们初入职场时的各种不适应,需要强大的心理承受能力、高效的学习能力以及吃苦耐劳的品性来应对,挺过磨合期才能获得能力的快速提高。   从个人职业信用上,近年来,已有部分企业将“闪辞”列为职业失信行为之一,频繁跳槽将对未来的就业产生负面影响。   职业有理想、思想有主见、生活有追求并没有错,难得的是如何一步一个脚印去实现它。在初入职场的阵痛期,毕业生要着眼长远,用心选择职业、学会从小事中看到进步,从坚持中收获成长。相关的主题文章: