Is the washing machine dirty than the toilet Clean the coup in the

Is the washing machine dirty than the toilet? Clean the coup in the cold, thick clothes, washing machine and more frequent! When you keep Blackwater washing machine dirty row you really have to pay attention, because the "washing machine may really be dirtier than toilet. "After media reports, years of washing machine total coliform detection rate of 100%, mold detection rate of 60.2%; 30 minutes after the injection mold up to 4566 liters, full automatic washing machine mould was 2.6 times the double cylinder, drum washing machine pulsator is 2 times. Many experts believe that in recent years, the increase in the number of patients with skin itching, and home washing machine is not clean enough to have a certain relationship. In fact, washing machine use for more than six months, sandwich will deposit washing machine inside and outside the tube some dander, dirt, dirty, a lot of harmful bacteria breeding, washing clothes, it will cause the "two pollution" and do harm to our health. If there are conditions, the author is recommended for about three months to clean a washing machine. Below I will introduce a method of cleaning roller washing machine: 1, choose suitable for drum type automatic washing machine with sterilization and descaling effect of cured mold cleaning agent for washing machine groove. 2, the washing machine bath cleaner directly into the washing tube. After opening a cleaning agent to run out, don’t put detergent into the washing machine (Jung usually wash clothes into the washing liquid in place). 3, washing machine door shut, skip the pre washing procedures, direct selection of wash procedure, add water, running about 5 minutes, so the cleaning agent is fully dissolved; serious dirt, use warm water is better 40. 4, cut off the power supply, soak for 1 hours. Initial use or dirt more serious, it is recommended to soak 2~3 hours. 5, according to the washing machine daily washing standard mode cleaning 1 times. (washing, rinsing, dehydration) 6, if dirt discharge amount is too much, can put a towel or towel to the washing machine, and then follow the steps of 5 operation once. Of course, there are many small network cleaning remedies, such as the use of vinegar, baking soda and so on, you can try. Finally, we have to tell you some washing machine to wash the "little secret" to solve your troubles. When it comes to washing machines, it is best to use the washing machine detergent. It can thoroughly wash our washing machine, a complete refusal to wash the dirt problem. Recommend this Japan imported strong washing machine cleaning agent is decontamination, nursing, anti-virus in a multi effect of cleaning agent. And for the impeller and drum washing machine. When using, do not open fully automatic, otherwise it will be quickly ruled out, need to soak for some time after the drainage. It is known as the sterilization rate of 99.9%, in the washing machine can remove stubborn dirt stains. Washing machine special floating filter full-automatic washing machine and washing machine can effectively filter the tiny impurities in. When washing the laundry can be directly washed out, pinch, floating ears open end live cassette and then washing net, the sundries can be dug out. (PS: only for straight drum washing machine!) Bra cleaning ball相关的主题文章: