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Jiang Shuqing: breastfeeding, baby mother Mei Zhuang, [Abstract] breast feeding is a natural and healthy diet, successful breastfeeding is beneficial to both the baby and mother, book from breastfeeding, ready to go through to the condition of breast feeding method, paper, help my mother successful breastfeeding. This paper from the "breast feeding baby mother strong, beautiful", Jiang Shuqing, Yilin press, June 2016 – 80% mom breast-feeding pain nursing mothers will encounter problems of breastfeeding, some lucky mother say no pain, but most breastfeeding mother experiences are started from the pain. Especially primipara, due to improper care, nipple sucking posture is not correct, the mother failed to grasp the correct feeding skills, all kinds of pain nursing. Lactation pain usually occurs during the first week of lactation. How to prevent breast pain in 1 baby milk to the correct position so that the mother most of the nipple and areola of the whole mouth full of baby. The baby’s lip will back up the small volume, the muscles around the mouth will have the rhythm of shrink. 2 control lactation time each feeding time not more than 20 minutes. Nipple in the baby mouth soak time is too long, may be damaged, and then bacteria, may cause infection of the breast. 3 ground to lactation of emptying the milk, make the areola become soft, easy baby sucking. 4 do not pull hard pull strong feeding is completed, must be the baby after the nipple gently relax a jaws, just pull out, pull the nipple nipple easily lead to skin damage. 5 to keep moist before feeding, cleaning nipple, and then squeeze out some milk, wet nipple and then give the baby feeding, so as not to dry the nipple due to the baby’s suction is too large to be damaged. Methods 1 to relieve chapped nipple pain from breast side mild illnesses begin breastfeeding can reduce the baby to suck the breast pain with suction, pay attention to the nipple and areola in a part of the baby’s mouth, in order to prevent aggravation of nipple chapped skin. 2 alternate with infant breastfeeding in order to change the position of the sucking force dispersed in the nipple and areola around. 3 wearing loose fitting underwear and bra is conducive to the flow of air, so that the rapid healing of the injured nipple skin. 4 milk to sterilize milk rich in protein, is conducive to the healing of the nipple skin. After feeding, can squeeze a small amount of milk to the nipple and areola, to be slightly dry, can also apply a thin layer of water on the nipple shaped lanolin. It is natural, harmless to the baby, do not have to wipe off before breast-feeding. 5 milk feeding nipple pain or extrusion if breast swelling, not very good baby sucking nipples, may suspend breastfeeding for 24 hours, but the milk should be squeezed out, with a small spoon, or bottle fed babies. The few days Dr. Jiang consulting room Q. son was born, breast-feeding is too painful, like a sucker sucking nipple, after feeding all feel very sore nipples. Is there any way to alleviate? Because A. never suffered from such stimuli, so many new mothers would feel just feeding nipple pain, meet a few days later, will be better. If the pain can not be alleviated, and even feel more and more painful, it should go to the hospital to check, see if it is not developed into mastitis or breast blockage. There is another condition that can cause nipple pain相关的主题文章: