Jiangsu 33 schools jointly launched a new assessment system reform seaway

Jiangsu 33 schools jointly launched a new assessment system reform of primary and secondary school paper and pencil test, scores of children to assess the merits of high or low, will soon be broken! Xuanwu District of Nanjing held in October 9th 2016 in Jiangsu province based prospective education reform project launch ceremony demonstration projects will promote the overall quality of students, the quality of development led by deputy director of Xuanwu District Education Bureau Shen peak "survey and evaluation of the project for the province’s" one of 3 "Jiangsu province based prospective major teaching reform the research project", Nanjing and the province’s 33 kindergarten and primary school will be started, is expected to build two years including the arts, sports, psychology, family, habits, multidimensional full discipline education in the new evaluation system. Status: primary school in traditional pen and paper test for discipline evaluation led the reporter learned that Nanjing is currently the primary school presented mainly for "footprint" to evaluate the quality of the report, including the academic performance of children. Each semester, self assessment and the comprehensive ability evaluation, teacher evaluation and parents. The quality evaluation of the quality report in addition to the evaluation of the subject is still extensive, and the society will generally ignore such evaluation, pay more attention to performance evaluation." Some principals in an interview that the Department in charge of education reform and quality optimization led the survey and evaluation, to truly promote children to improve the overall quality, they will pursue exam scores from a free guide, parents pay attention to children to enhance the ability of the real. "Primary school quality test and evaluation, is still the traditional pen and paper accounted for a large proportion of the dominant subject test dominant to recessive factors concerned, the entire city of Nanjing now has more and more attention." Xuanwu District Education Bureau deputy director Shen Feng told reporters, even in a primary school and the senior high school entrance examination without the pressure of college entrance examination environment, school evaluation subject and language, these cultural cohesion and middle school, senior high school entrance examination subjects, to study such a project to start the Xuanwu District, hoping to broaden the field of measurement, all of all to explore every subject which will affect the quality of key ability of children, so that all subjects can assess in the transverse direction, driven by people in different ways to evaluate. Reform: 33 schools start a new evaluation system of North small: widening Chinese literacy assessment in the field of primary school quality tests and evaluation research project started at the same time in 33 schools, each school undertakes research focused on the different. For example, the most famous Beijing East Road primary school is "12 years old before the Chinese language". This time they will focus on the evaluation of the Chinese language and make a more scientific and meticulous system. Shen Feng said that the current assessment of the main Chinese paper pen test, but in fact the Chinese accomplishment of inclusion in many aspects, and is a process of accumulation, will soon appear in the exam results come out, we expect North small can expand a more scientific evaluation system, through the evaluation of the change, let the children they see the different characteristics of each person, to enhance the Chinese subject interest, improve language literacy. Long small: big data into the dynamic evaluation of multi dimension before the Yangtze River Road Primary School has a good big data with the practice of teaching, the focus of the study is the use of large相关的主题文章: