Ji’nan to implement the purchase of five decline in the volume of Skynet signed developers not price hyuna

Ji’nan to implement the purchase of five decline in the volume of Skynet signed developers said will not depreciate in Guodian Ji’nan the most expensive land floor price over 6000 yuan, only 4500 yuan of new surrounding. The picture shows the west side of the building is to be built in California in the eastern part of the world. (data sheet) · Qilu Evening News reporter Zhou Qingxian photo; Qilu point 2, the Ji’nan property market restriction limited credit policy, the holiday market appears a chain reaction: after 2 days, the 3 day assault net signed, net signed volume began to decline, hundreds of days skyrocketing housing prices began to stabilize. In front of the smitten control policies, some of the housing enterprises planning to adjust the sales model. In September the average daily signed 400 sets after the holiday three days less than 200 after the purchase of the implementation of the golden week, the Ji’nan property market fell more obvious sign. Ji’nan residential and real estate information network statistics show that 1 to 7 of the volume were set of 363, the set of the 1652, the 896 set, the 295 set, the 190 set, the set of the 167, the total volume of 7 sets of 3744 sets. From this year’s net signed transaction, the first half of the average daily net signed volume of about 360 sets, the average daily net signed volume in September more than and 400. With such data, the amount of net signed during the golden week decreased obviously. "The 2 day 1652 sets of net signed, with the purchase of a variety of policy just out of the net assault 3 days, including high turnover is related to." An industry source said, from 4 to 7 of the transaction, gradually returned to normal levels. LaSalle bank Shandong area general manager Zhu Jiang believes that the purchase of Ji’nan from the policy point of view, mainly in order to reduce the lever when investment, whether it is for the first or two sets and sets, these are more or less purchasing power is limited. From the investment groups, foreign investment accounted for about 30% of the local, at around 10%, the total investment demand accounted for 40%, after the purchase of the implementation will be to inhibit these needs, so it can ease the contradiction between supply and demand in the short term the market. From January to September this year, the transaction point of view, a variety of needs to focus on the release, the stock market has been significantly digested, to shorten the cycle is greatly shortened. "Now a lot of projects in short supply, there are also many enterprises suffer for not on the goods, which formed the obvious contradiction between supply and demand." Zhu Jiang said. From this year’s land supply, June 30th Yedi Wang Tang sold price issue, is a watershed, land supply significantly increased since then. The land is the fastest to form the market supply in the first quarter of next year, that is to say, from now until the end of the year, the supply will not be the real estate market increased sharply, from the market supply and demand, prices will not decline significantly in the policy gradually, the market will have to curb skyrocketing, the overall price trend will stable. Shoufu 10% just need to be adjusted to the regulatory policy has not only restricted the investment passengers, but also hurt the part just need buyers. Min is a 90, talked about his girlfriend this year, intends to buy a house to get married. Before the national day, he saw a house in the city of Ji’nan in Huashan long, in total about about 800000)相关的主题文章: